Lamp Shade Fabric Material

It offers in the fall, when the days are getting shorter again and uncomfortable, even on a nice evening in the living room? If this is also the time when you think again about the design of your own home? After all, let us also feel right at home when it’s raining outside and storms.

Why the Right Light Makes The Feel-Good Factor

Too cold light themselves are beginning discomfort in cozy warm rooms.Even the country house style with its warm brown and beige tones , the rustic home accessories the heavy wooden furniture can act uncomfortable in a bluish light. And also to appropriate and not tailored to the unique style lamp can easily take the idea of a cozy interior to unwind and relax.This makes the light and the light-giving light to one of the most important factors for enjoying the evenings in their own homes.

The Fabric Shade Light For Bedroom And Living Room

For the country style, but also for maritime or Mediterranean decorating styles as well as modern facilities alike stands a form of light to be particularly popular shows: the fabric shade light. As sources of light in the bedroom she’s hip has always been and still remains modern for decades. Because as hanging lamp or ceiling lamp she makes simple, understated elegance for a comfortable, particularly through the fabric hot looking light.
But many hold lamps with fabric shade after attachment not what they promise. By then, namely, when they hang over the bed and you will be dazzled including lying. Or starts when the metal frame of the lamp to rust.Or if the light remains lit bluish by a false light that makes every comfort is sold.

German crafted every step

What emerges here in highly precise hand?
The perfect metal frame for the fabric shade luminaires
Even when the frame begins the detailed work by hand, which continues on in every production step.

The frame

Each lamp is based on a frame-but even here there are differences in quality!
a model in nickel matt here–The lamp lights the world, the racks are hand-crafted and exhibit stable welds that ensure a long shelf life.
You know metal frames and have seen one or other rust?
Not with the lights of! Because the metal is powder coated, making it rustproof.

The Screen

The processing of the screen is almost a science. “Clothes make the man”, they say, and the screen is certainly such a thing as the dress of lights frame!
will exclusively use solid and thicker Chintz-a high-quality cotton cloth, which was used in the 17th century for clothes wealthy Englishman and was exceeded only by the silk robes of the aristocracy.
The screen has inside a carrier film, which is flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 – absolutely secure so for use in the commercial area!

Simple Installation Thanks To Optimal Processing

In order to install your light stress can and not by poor workmanship, for short cables and low high quality canopies and ceiling mounts are disturbed, is at the shade lamps, special emphasis on the ease of installation set. The pendant lamps feature generous cable lengths, even for very high ceilings and are easily and infinitely adjustable in height thanks to cable stopper. The ceiling connections and canopies possess sufficient connection space, so no annoying tangles and trial and error have the joy takes the connection to a product.

The Perfect Light For Your Fabric Shade Lamps

So if already processing the light is perfect, but how it is with the core element of each light: the lamps and, related to a cozy light?
Here provides many of the new textile lights already with a high quality LED lamps from which not only meets the cozy light of an incandescent lamp, but thanks to cutting-edge LED lighting technology also to this saves up to 90% energy and also is non durable.  For lamps without bulbs, we recommend directly to the product quality lamps for excellent lighting in bedrooms and living rooms.
And so you are not dazzled while lying in bed and turned on overhead lights, has the 4-ring pendant lamp of the series on a closed bottom. This is partly translucent, so that it is homogeneously illuminated, yet is absolutely glare-free.

All the Advantages Of The New Fabric Shade Lamps Series of Overview

  • Made in Germany
  • High-quality materials
  • Shield flame retardant
  • Stainless frame
  • Easy construction
  • include LED lamps partially
  • Wide range of colors
  • Good price-performance ratio