Lady Watch Huawei

The giant Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has also thought us women presenting yesterday variants of its Huawei wearable.
They are watches smart, designed for a female audience and then with an eye for detail and aesthetics materials . The first version is called Elegant, has home gold and pink leather strap with crocodile print, while the second is called Jewel and, as the name suggests has a dial surrounded by zirconia and strap, always blue leather.
China also is sold the variant created in collaboration with Fornasetti with a typical fantasy precisely the Brand. I am really very fashionable and designed for those who do not want to pass unnoticed.

The technology

But let the functions of these Smartwatch that are not only of fashion accessories. They have an operating system called Android Wear Google and match their smartphone via blutooth and through its app actually called Android Wear, compatible with both Android and iOS.


Main function of wearble is in fact to receive notifications directly from the wrist, and notifications are all those related to the messaging app, social, events calendar and calls. Also we could, via the Google voice dictation or through the preset for quick responses to respond to these notifications.
Typical example of us women, driving or when the smartphone is lost in our bags, it will be convenient display on the fly at a glance if it is got the message or the call that both waited.
Or, you can directly from the watch, set a path and display the Google maps and related information to reach.
Fundamental for us women, we hold to the physical form and in view of the costume fitting, are also apps dedicated to fitness that Huawei has already pre-installed on its watches, but we can enrich the basis of our activities simply by downloading other from the Play Store.
App you can track your steps, the physical activities of the day and their calorie burn. In addition, Huawei Watch is equipped with a heartbeat sensor to track the health also monitoring the quality of sleep.
From wearable we could set up and turn off the alarm clock or take a picture while on our smartwatch do more. Truly an accessory that if exploited to the maximum, can become unindispensabile travel companion.

The price

If trendy design and functionality, we have already done watering mouth just one thing might disappoint you: the price. The Elegant version costs 649 €, while the Jewel € 749, available in the best jewelers.