Ladies Aviator Ray Ban Sunglasses

Brands of famous sporting spectacles, we have no doubt: Ray Ban is the most famous. It came without pretense, just to use among fliers for having a wider lens and be considered more comfortable. But when Tom Cruise used the model in the movie Top Gun, many did not resist , and even today the model used by the US actor, aviator, is one of the most famous in the world!
The Ray Ban is a brand of sports goggles already established in the market. For a long time it was actually directed only to the military, with coarse models and just over three lens colors. With the success of the sale are more than 30 years of global market and even today there are those who do not dismiss the use of a famous designer glasses.

Eyeglass Models Ray Ban

The brand is best known for his models of sports glasses, known in popular as sunglasses, but also produces frames for lenses with degree. Unfortunately those who want to put your degree to Ray Ban sun frame will lose the main characteristic of the brand are its special lens and from scratches and logo on the lens corner. Removing the lens you lose the logo printed and never comes out even after several washing.

Glasses Price Ray Ban

Much of the price of a Ray Ban sunglasses anchor on the fact the brand become a brand already renowned in the market. Famous use, use models, advertisements are always with personalities of the moment … is a designer, so do not expect to pay little for their products. The most popular model, the aviator, swim costs less than $700 in average. There are any promotions, but it is not the cheapest ever. The newly released models can cost more than R$2,000. There are also limited editions, with few units around the world who have already reached R$7000 for glasses.
And is it worth? Both the brand, its market strength, as the quality, yes. The lenses are polarized and all without any degree, not to damage the eyes. Material first quality and guarantee at least two years, with one year of store. If you do not scratch, you will have a glasses for life for a long time.
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Glasses Ray Ban Fake Worth It?

You can not deny it: everyone has faced both with users and with the sale of fake Ray Ban around.
With the high value of the famous imported glasses, some people opt for versions of only $20 in street vendors throughout the country. There are Ray Ban aviator being sold at stalls of street markets for only $8! But is it worth it?
We’re not doing apologia against piracy, especially when product costs are so high. However, we are talking about eye health. Put a barrier in their view with plastic lenses, without any quality or protection, can cause serious future damage. Some have difficulties to visualize objects with pirate glasses and it’s true.
Ray Ban glasses usually use fake plastic lenses, not even glass, and of the possible coarse, so the low cost. Painting is not chrome and so it tends to peel off with perspiration on the face and contact with hair products and strength vision. Some angulation of the lens end up adding degree who do not need glasses, a risk for eye health. The damage can not occur at the time of use, but are gradual and permanent.