Lace Dresses and Accessories

Lace dresses and accessories for spring been 2016. Winding processes and provocative, colorful shoes and accessories, and contexts in which we never expected a fabric that for years remained tied to the formality.
Lace, a fabric that whatever its interpretation is synonymous with the concept of pure elegance, simple and minimalistic tied to the past of the great style icons. An element that is part of many outfits, not always, and not necessarily, formal, even that ye may know, that matched the right way, the lace can unravel many uses and facets that didn’t know.
We always associated with the dress, and it is certainly the most classic examples if we want to find that perfect combination of lace and dress, but this year, and there will be some escaped, this high-quality fabric and light we find him even in contexts where didn’t you’d ever expect, such as sportswear, or between the outfits to wear during your free time. Once again to give us some tips on what are the hottest trends for spring summer 2016 are colleagues from  our site.
Between shoes, clothes and accessories we will have plenty of choice, and no one can remain immune to the charm of these processes that create the silhouette transparency paired with vertiginous necklines, as in the case of The blue lace dress Jetset Diaries, while Love Triangle for special occasions focuses on deep openings that bare back. The lace long dress to wear to the ceremonies, but also for leisure wear, so don’t be surprised if someone wears a sweatshirt in lace, like that of Charlott, or a couple of perforated pantapalazzo all. For the evenings very demanding, for a party or an aperitif, green light to minidress from “see-don’t see” and colored lace shoes and accessories. And for the Office? Lace Yes but without exaggeration, focusing on one piece at a time, to the top or to the Blazers, your bag or shoes, combining it with discretion and caution. This is a fashion trend that might like it? Then you can not miss our photogallery where we collected the garments and accessories the most beautiful lace season reported by fellow fashionistas to Phonecations.