La Vera Sartoria Napoletana

Kiton, Isaia, Attolini and Rubinacci. Famous Tailoring from Naples are plentiful but today we thought we highlight and discuss a little less but oh-so-talented player from the region.Orazio Luciano or La Vera Sartoria Napoletana (the true Neapolitan tailor’s easily translated) is one of the skrädderierna from Naples that received considerable attention in recent seasons. Much thanks to the well dressed gentlemen from the shop The Armoury in Hong Kong who have chosen to work with Orazio Luciano.
Even if the company received considerable attention in recent years, there are generations of knowledge and craft traditions in the House. La Vera Sartoria Napoletana is represented by founder Orazio Luciano and his son Pino. Orazio previously worked as senior tailors on Kiton but chose to start their own business.
What is above all characterized the La Vera Sartoria Napoletana is their incredibly lightweight construction. Coats has no more or less any form of padding and is only made up of a very light construction of liquid separators. Other details which are often represented are elegant AMF stitching along the beaten obviously stitched entirely by hand. The company Made to Measure is undeniably in the borderland to bespoke looking at work behind but at a significantly lower price.
The costumes are for obvious reasons not in the lowest price range but in context and given how much handwork, quality and construction that are behind the price is reasonable. The company’s suits start at about 20 000 SEK and MTM nearly 25-30 000 SEK, but is, according to many in the class with Cesare Attolini and Kiton that often commands a significantly higher price.
Here below show the company in a movie clip in a couple of minutes how much work behind a hand-sewn suit.