Know Which Stone Jewelery Combines with Your Personality

From ancient times to the present, no matter how many years have passed, the fascination of women by the jewelry remains intact. Can you imagine the Cleopatra of the history books without their rich adornments? Or an Oscar night without the brilliance of precious stones parade on the red carpet? In Brazil, we are in a privileged position: the country occupies a prominent position among the major Nations that extract the material. The Brazilian Institute of gems and precious metals (IBGM) estimates that more than 250 variations of gems can be found on domestic soil.
A jewel is able to perpetuate a moment and show the personality of the people who use them. And not only that: Carl Jung, Freud’s disciple, was already working on the connection between the stones and the spiritual field of human beings. But enough story. How about meet four basic personality types and the stones that match each of them? Check out! Here at you can get more different models and styles.


Reasoning, strategies and logic. The rational suffer from the fear of failure and want to be the best at what they do. They’re the ones who put into practice the convictions dreamed by idealistic personalities, always taking the initiative for you, without depending on anyone. Emotions have little influence in their lives, since they need hard facts to justify things. This causes the rational closes and doesn’t know acting under pressure.
The former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an example of rational personality. The citrus is the ideal stone for the rational, because it attracts prosperity, self-esteem and professional success, as well as to protect against the evil eye, jealousy and intrigue. For those who are in a period of hesitation or need more energy, the jewelry with citrine helps a lot, because they bring the energy of the Sun and improve the mood, dispelling negative energies.


Optimism, faith and persistence are characteristic of idealists, who aim to be better people. Dreamers and passionate love making plans and helping people. The intellectual side of sensitivity are quite developed, and could even cause the person suffering with bipolar mood swings. Lady Di is an exponent of this personality type.
The Amethyst is the stone of idealists, would transmit peace and spirituality, inspiring also intuition. The Greeks believed in the power of transforming bad thoughts on optimism — all to do with the idealists, since it is strongly linked to mysticism and the number seven. Therefore, if your personality leans to that side, that’s your rock. Women who like sobriety also identify with Amethyst.


Are those who don’t like a lot of news, although your goal in life be, precisely, improve their lives. The biggest fear of this personality type is to be forgotten. Serious and hard-working, enhance security and stability in all walks of life. Lead is something nato, since I like to have control of the situation, which can cause certain stress. Michelle Obama has the guardian profile.
The Ruby is the stone indicated to the guardians, because it attracts good partnerships and protection against intrigue. Owning many stones of this type helps to accumulate more precious stones, according to the people of ancient India. The Ruby is the birthstone for those who have the power of happiness in the hands, the wisdom and health, but that is always in search of balance in love and spiritual efforts.


Confident, daring, always in pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction, the adventurous personality want new things, usually attached to the arts. The weakness of this kind of person is that she gets distracted easily and can lose focus or find it difficult to plan for the future. Madonna is an example.
The Emerald is the stone of adventurers, as it is also known as the stone of travelers — who love news. Cleopatra used to decorate with emeralds, which also represents the stone of unconditional love, loyalty and reliability, in addition to rejuvenating effect on the skin.
The precious stones are concentrated in the energy of the universe, but to have the expected effect they need to be used in contact with the skin. Before making your choice, remember to feel a natural identification with the stone.
And so, in which of those personalities you recognized? Tell us what your precious stone by leaving a comment!