Kitchen Tiles: Tips for Making the Right Choice

We currently have many types of coatings available on the market, which gives us more choice, but it doubles our attention when choosing one. The need for space, storage and making the environment more functional, gives way to the planned joinery, just as kitchens increasingly integrated the living room or dining room, end up losing walls that would be used to coat.

Do Not Forget To Use Kitchen Tiles

It is important that there is lining in the wet areas such as sink and in places like stove to protect the surface of the walls and to facilitate the cleaning. Tiles and ceramic pieces, such as porcelain tile, are the most popular and accessible, in neutral, clear and discrete tones, with resin finish and large pieces improve the sense of amplitude and facilitate placement on both the floor and walls.
Rectified finish parts use less grout and prevent buildup of dirt resulting in increased material durability. Set a touch of color for the space between the countertop and the cabinets.
Warm colors combine with the room. For the wet area invest in colored finishes or of a single color, there are individually sold colored tiles, ceramic tiles imitating hydraulic tile and the famous glass tablets with countless shapes, colors and sizes. Creating a striking composition will highlight the design of your kitchen. Focus on practicality, always thinking about maintaining the chosen coating. Avoid rough finishes, with depth and a lot of grout, prefer the resin and rectified ones.
A cheaper option is to use wall stickers decor to decorate the kitchen tiles . They are practical, tough and very different. There are an immense variety of designs of these tiles, from those that imitate an old tile to a more stylized one with themed designs. Choose your style.
The personalization of the environment is made, especially, when choosing the coatings and joinery. Paying attention to the size and size of the parts avoids wasting material and facilitates installation.
Avner Posner, a professional with more than six years of experience in the interior architecture market, focuses on residential, commercial and corporate projects.