' Killer for Hire: Zombies', Slaughtering Zombies to Clean Shot

‘ Assassin for hire: Zombies & #8217; It is a free game available for leading terminals and tablet, in which we can burn adrenaline-based burst zombies brains. We control a mercenary of trigger happy, in a post-apocalyptic world, which seeks to reduce drastically the niche of zombie population.
We have two versions. The absurdly decaffeinated No offal or blood, and the uncensored version, with scattered brains and hemoglobin a go-go’s. Of course here we won’t walk with mojigaterias and catches that are displayed are those of version uncensored.
In the game control to a sniper, faced hordes of zombies coming in all directions in multiple scenarios. But it’s not so simple with point and shoot. At each stage we have a different mission that we must do if we want to move to the next.
While we are dedicated to shoot dead homes, our colleague Evelyn will risk in open field, rescuing wounded, gathering supplies, and other actions of risk, as the zombies try to put an end to it. From our position We will have to give you coverage, avoiding to eat her brain to her or the rest of terrified human beings with whom we crossed.
As we’ve completed missions we will get money for our services with which we can acquire new weapons and ammunition. Indeed, it is better to us buy more effective weapons to complete the missions as they are complicated. Certain quests are almost impossible without adequate armament.
The bad thing is that the weapons are quite expensive, almost unattainable. To buy them needed more credits that we get in many missions … either purchase credits pulling our credit card. But our our, not the mercenary game, payments within the application using the platform of the Android Market.
In terms of quality, nothing to reproach. The design of the stages is magnificent, using the power of dual-core processors to render to lots of zombies and other three-dimensional characters. Everything moves with smooth, unnoticeable pulls despite the large number of moving parts.
The handling is stressful. We need to move the view, since there may be zombies out of our field of vision. We have to watch Evelyn and the other living characters, and protect them of the zombies who may appear anywhere, alone or in groups.
While we check all that, There is to point to the head, If I want to be effective. And reload the weapon, which steals your precious seconds that can make our protected do not become the first dish.
To move all this makes lack power. The game is only available in terminals and most powerful tablets. The screenshots that accompany the article are an Asus Eee Pad Transformer, which can move with ease the game engine.
Not only a powerful processor is needed, but also space on disk. The first time you launch it you request Download almost 350 MB, that does not seem too much for the quality that has the game.
If not for the subject of the expensive (and necessary) that they are weapons, the game would be essential for fans of the genre. At least we can get some credits for free by clicking on the manufacturer, Glu Mobile, ads and installing other games.

Assassin for hire: Zombies Version 1.0.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0
  • Developer: GLU Mobile
  • Download it from the Android Market: Normal | Without blood
  • Price: Free (with optional internal payments)
  • Category: Zombies games

It protects the remains of humanity slaughtering zombies. After finishing with more criminals who can’t recall, it time to cope with the revelation and send to the Horn to the zombies.