Kiko Nail Art Brushes

Have you heard of the new born at home Kiko? If you are passionate of nail art definitely is!
It is a range of 6 brushes and a dotter that will allow you to run many decorating techniques 🙂
In fact it is the most used by nail artist shapes, from metal dotter, the fine paintbrush to that fan .. everyone has a particular function.
The first brush of the collection Kiko is number 400 FAN NAIL BRUSH, and it is the famous fan brush, ideal for creating backgrounds and multicolored seabed on the nails, to apply small glitter and pearls.
The number 401, STRIPES NAIL BRUSH, is the brush longer than the collection and its very fine tip it allows you to create precision lines, waves, whether in the nail length with great precision.
The number 402, MEDIUM BENT NAIL BRUSH, is the special brush that Kiko proposes: it is a fine paintbrush to achieve precision decorations, petals and oval. Its design enables the hook facilitates the work!
The number 403, MEDIUM NAIL BRUSH, is very similar to the stylishtacoma, but no bending on the handle and is perfect for short lines and decorations in the most difficult points.
The number 404, SMALL POINTED NAIL BRUSH, is ideal for enriching the nail art with points, contours and tiny ornaments.
The number 405, BASIC NAIL BRUSH, is the most versatile of the brush in my opinion collection, it can be used to deliver a simple french, a base, the colored tips and can also be used to apply the gel by those who practice the reconstruction.
Finally the number 406, NAILS Dotter, dotter is a double-ended metal, useful for applying rhinestones, score points and small decorations.
ell, what to say, I was very satisfied with these brushes Kiko, primarily for their bristles, which are really very soft and allow a draft of uniform color! In fact, despite these brushes are made ​​to be used with the glaze, my experience has made ​​them even be exceptional with acrylic colors !! Their handle allows a comfortable grip and facilitates the maximum run of nail art!
You can find these brushes across retailers kiko, at a price of 3.90 euro each. I find the cost is affordable for everyone, of course, compared to other brushes very good that you are around, maybe a little higher end, but always still good!
Now I leave the video review where I show you the brushes and I will experiment with acrylic enamels and colors 🙂 Let me know your opinions!