Kids Photos That You Upload to The Internet Today Will Be Their Inheritance Morning Digital (And Will Not Always Make You Richer)

The fear is probably the natural state of the parents. Formerly the fear of diseases especially. Today, thanks to television and technological development, we have a wide range of fears, most unfounded. Do you play video games too? They spend too much time with the screens? Do it will be stalking them someone in social networks? Is it too soon to buy a mobile phone?

The ultimate fear of which has been spoken in my house is the “digital heritage” and it was in line with the early interest in the career of youtuber of my two sons, 6 and 8 years. After watching videos on their favorite video games for months, they decided to make their own videos to upload to YouTube.

I am sure that there are plenty of parents who may seem a very bad idea. I’ve also hesitated a little. But then I wondered, What fear me exactly? Is there a particular danger? The answer is no. ES a diffuse fear to pass “something” that or I’m able to imagine. It is the fear of the unknown.

But a few weeks later my partner told me about a possible danger: “digital heritage”.

It is a rather vague term, which is normal given the novelty of this field. Is used to speak of the transmission of our digital assets, in life or after death. “There is also the concept of”legacy digital”talking about our digital life after death: do we want someone to have access to our e-mail or social networking account?” Do we want to clear everything?

In our case We call our children’s digital lives managed by us digital heritage. In simpler terms, it’s videos, photos and posts on our children that we share on social networks.

How may impair them future a video from when they were babies? They come to mind articles on fulminant dismissals after giving holders of the style or “like” a photo “Nine out of ten responsible HR check social networks before hiring a candidate”. Await us news about candidates rejected by a ridiculous video posted by her parents 25 years ago?… I can hardly believe it.

If I see a danger. Do you know the embarrassing situation when your mother strives to teach your boyfriend or girlfriend that picture of your difficult adolescence that she finds so cute? That thought to have destroyed. But no. Your mother keeps a copy. Well, that does not is nothing compared with what awaits our children thanks to the “digital heritage”. Social networks will keep megabytes and megabytes of material capable of ruining any romantic relationship.

That is why, in addition to the right to oblivion, there should be the concept of of digital age, a moment in which the children can demand that your videos and photos published by the parents should be removed.

In fact, according to the French data protection law, the children could be denounced parents for publishing personal information without your consent. Punishment can be up to seven years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. Why French authorities recommend parents monitor their desire to boast of children on social networks.

It isn’t for little, a British study conducted by 2015 was determined that the English parents published some 200 pictures of their children a year. Another study in the United States by the University of Michigan, found that children between 10 and 17 years are concerned about the way in which their parents share the details of their lives on social networks.

I agree that the tools that we have at our disposal today can do damage, us and other people. But this is not the real danger. The danger is that we, the victims of our fears, decide prohibiting them its use to our children instead of help them learn how to use them.

We cannot control who are on social networks, but yes to prepare them for any type of meeting. We have to teach them how easy that is to become a Stalker or one victim of harassment on the internet and how to avoid it. They have to know that to do anything online, they are exposed to thousands of anonymous who have had a bad day decide to improve it to letting a poisoned comment your video, photo, or post. Or any of its phrases can out of context and misinterpreted, especially if it ends up being a public figure.

We can not complain that the school is obsolete, things of the past which teaches children who will live in the future, that does not give them tools to face the unknown and then treat our children in the same way at home. We have to assume that We do not know everything. We don’t know if video games are good or bad. We don’t know how much screen time is too much. We do not know what age is appropriate to have a mobile.

What we do know is that whenever there has been a technological breakthrough have passed three things:

  • There have been people against
  • There have been people who have overused this new technology
  • There have been people who have used it as a good thing

I believe that as parents, our duty is to do everything possible to make our children of the third group. For this we should cease to be the first.

Photo: Unsplash, Pixabay

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