Kendall Jenner Oversized Sunglasses

After you discover the oversize sunglasses and colorful Kendall Jenner was wearing during the 2014 Coachella festival, today we offer a selection of sunglasses similar to adopt this summer

We have recently fallen on the flowers sunglasses worn Kendall Jenner during Coachella 2014. The photo published on her instagram finally well gave us want to buy glasses to face the Sun. So we have selected a shopping of 10 pairs of glasses on which we love. All original, colorful and well obviously oversize to be certain of being IN this spring-summer 2014. A season that promises provocative, quirky and full of extravagance. Kendall Jenner has perfectly understood and eventually intend to keep his glasses oversize to pastel flowers which combine well with her very Californian outfit worthy of the Coachella 2014 festival. If you also literally you fall for her magnificent pair of sunglasses, be aware that you will surely find your happiness among our shopping in 10 parts very trends. Style and low prices, nothing better to make us happy and begin a summer sunny all in color.
If you have adopted the Wax for the spring-summer 2014 trend, you’ll surely fall for this extravagant sunglasses trend. And to start smoothly we offer oversize sunglasses thin € 6.95. If you want to add a little retro touch you will find our selection of glasses tinted with a little detail to Golden €7.95. For a side hippie chic we recommend sunglasses to mount tortoiseshell €14.05, or even for the same reason in leopard one model different a6, €99. For lovers of the cat-eye style we have selected the Kitten to glasses degraded to €24.99, the pink River Island € 14.05 Claudia and the Aj Morgan effect wood € 21.07. And finally for a soft and original effect at the same time nothing better than the flower Quay to € 37,92. But to be totally IN this summer we must dare to color, for this we have to you glasses round oversize €21.07 and the Jeepers Peepers €25.28. More to think about, hurry your choice and shopper the on Asos.