Jewelry and Winter Looks

Winter is the season that most favors the elegance of the vain woman. Coats, scarves, vests and clothes with sober colors inspire us and enable a diversity of looks compositions. The small details make all the difference to compose the most sophisticated looks, for this, the jewels gain a special highlight in the composition of winter looks. We selected some looks to inspire you this winter:
For winter wear, a surefire option to stay warm and stylish is to wear high-necked blouses that do not fall out of fashion and a poncho on top. High collar blouses look more luxurious with big earrings like the one we chose from VIVARA . The Orchid Ring of the São Paulo House leaves the production lighter and more delicate. Ideal for cinema, theater, shopping mall, etc.
I’m a fan of black & white compositions. The look is clean, chic and elegant without having to invent much. The jewels and accessories sold on boothbuying give the special touch to finish the production. As the black and white composition is already neutral, the accessories are essential to give the final touch of production. In this look, we chose Tiffany’s Tanzanite ring , which has the sea as inspiration in its new collection. The Personality earring of the São Paulo House with Sapphires and Diamonds reflects the sophistication and good taste of the woman. This look is ideal for social events such as dining in a good restaurant (depending on the restaurant, invest in a sandal or scarpin).
A bet and fashion trend of winter 2015 that you must have noticed in the big shopping centers and in the shop windows is the fake fur vest. This piece creates a wonderful effect on the most basic looks leaving the production much more luxurious. For a nightly event, ballad, dinner, bet on a composition similar to the one we chose, with fake fur vest, and beautiful jewels to finish the look. Our bet: Espinélio da Vivara Silver Ring, Adorable Ring of the São Paulo House and the Jackie Earring of the São Paulo House. Take time to relax and enjoy the weekend with elegant style and modern attitude.