Jewelry and Religious Symbols

The city of Rio de Janeiro was chosen by the Vatican to host the 38th World Youth Day, considered to be the largest gathering of the Catholic world. The event, which takes place next week between 23 and 28, will feature the presence of the Pope and should meet more than 2 million young people from around the world.
For those who are involved in this climate, we present a selection of h. Stern jewelry that bring inspiration religious themes like crosses, scapulars, medals, which are considered symbols of protection and good luck charms for some people and for others, have become fashion accessories and style.
One of the main symbols of Christianity is what binds a cross, an anchor and a heart. They represent the virtues faith, hope and charity, which are values cultivated since ancient times, and are materialized in a 18 k Yellow gold pendant. The image of our Lady is present in a delicate yellow gold pendant adorned by diamonds. The crosses were awarded a differentiated design by the creative team h. Stern, and the result can be seen in beautiful and unique jewelry.
Medal of our Lady, Frame and cross pendant Faith, Hope and charity
The scapular is also one of the most well-known religious icons. Careful with the details and meticulous finishing are displayed in the in high relief and also on the back of the jewel. Are three models with images of St. GeorgeSt. Anthony and our Lady of the miraculous medal.
Scapular with image of St. George
The trinkets can also be used together, in a delicate chain or, if you prefer, arranged in a chamois and dressed like bracelet – the result is beautiful and modern.