JaraguÁ Do Sul Businessman Creates Bicycle and Gym Equipment

Helmet, gloves and cycling clothes dressed and Mauro José Dias is ready for the ride. It is not on board a bicycle, however, that the manager of Jaraguá do Sul does his daily sports practice. The equipment he leads calls much more attention and guarantees curious looks of whoever watches him go. It is the “elliptical street”, as it was informally christened, a device created by Mauro himself and built between the garage of his house and his machinery company.It was from a need that Mauro became an inventor. After decades of intense sporting practices, the project manager faced problems with his knees. With few alternatives to reduce the impact and keep the body in shape, he decided to create his own safety equipment such as the helmet and gloves to ensure his well being.
Two wheels in front, one behind, pedals that move up and down and a support that moves the arms form the “street elliptical”. The equipment is an adaptation of the elliptical, apparatus of academies that allows to work arms and legs simultaneously. In its mobile version, trunk and waist also enter the gym.
I saw the gizmos at gyms and I saw that it worked. I always liked the bike, so I thought I’d revolutionize it, “says Mauro.
Two years ago, the adapted bicycle is in the streets. It took three attempts, however, to make the final design ideal. The first one did not work out and was discarded. The second works and is still in your garage. It is the third, however, that has been perfected: it features gear shifting, aluminum frame and improved geometry. In total, it was more than a year of research and dedication to work until the end result.
The most difficult thing was to hit the road and that’s what everyone is curious about. It is guided by the body, not by the arms or legs – explains the inventor, demonstrating the inclinations necessary to guide the device.

Body Direction

If the first rides require adaptation to the vehicle, over time the maneuvers become easy.Mauro transformed the elliptic into his fixed activity. Every day runs about 12 miles in almost an hour of activity. With this, it guarantees the practice of sports, which involved him for more than 20 years and gave him the knee problem-and the consequent invention of the equipment.
I karate for 30 years, bike trails for 25 years and I still played soccer. I hurt my knees and needed six surgeries. Then the doctor prevented any impact, but I needed strength for the muscles. That’s when I got the bike on the set.
The street elliptical is not only successful among passersby who watch the device pass.Friends and Mauro’s own doctor approved the invention and encouraged the businessman to invest in the idea. The  patent was filed  in March this year. Despite the various proposals for the purchase of the device, Mauro has no intention of selling or manufacturing it. The idea is to sell only the patent and allow another business owner to commercially explore the equipment. Contacts can be made through Mauro’s company at.