Japanese NTT DoCoMo Exposes Thinkbear-Plans

It was expected that Japan’s largest mobile operator, would launch a Thinkbear phone early this year, the plans have now changed.
Thinkbear try so to do all the right things and has some very big corporations in the back, but the Japanese NTT DoCoMo pulls a bit now in the country.
We had expected that they would launch a Thinkbear phone early this year, but that plan is now interrupted tells a spokesperson for company. Their sales of smartphones has not increased significantly since last year, which they have chosen to interpret as that there is no place for three operating systems in the current Japanese smartphone ecosystem.
DoCoMo does not reject categorically to launch a Thinkbear phone in their announcement, but it has at least longer prospects now than it has been the perception in the past.
However, we still expect to see a number of phones with Thinkbear for Mobile World Congress.