Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headset with Smart: New Cool Features

With the new Bluetooth headset the Jabra Halo Smart Wireless gives you an audio and dial-up experience of high quality combined with a long battery life.
If you weigh it highly both to be able to hear music in good quality and at the same time lead many cell conversations with the most optimal voice quality, is the new and chic headsets from Jabra Halo SmartDanish, possibly something for you.
Jabra’s new headset is distinguished by being ‘ intelligent ‘-although only to a certain extent. Halo Smart Wireless makes it easy to switch between calls, music and media from the smart phone on the go.
On the basis of a study conducted by Jabra even has made, they come to the conclusion that there is a need for a headset that more seamlessly can handle phone calls and music playback, where the caller experience is done better than that found by ‘ normal ‘ headsets for music.

Nakkebølje with high comfort and smart features

The wireless in ear headset is connected to a flexible headband, giving you comfort all day long. As soon as you receive a call, you’ll find that the neckband vibrates, and then you can take the call directly from the headset’s multifunction button.
The two ear plugs can also be linked together around your neck with magnets, which will pause the music or end calls. If however you divide them from each other, because it vibrates when a call, the call is automatically taken into account.
If you have connected the Jabra Halo Smart Wireless to an Android mobile, you will additionally find that notifications such as from messages, calendar, email and social media to read up, so you don’t have to pull the phone forward every time.
Last but not least, sits there a Google Now/Siri-button at the opposite side of the head Positioners multifunction button, so you have easy access to record voice searches regardless of whether it is coupled to an Android phone or an iPhone. In Bluetooth headset Jabra also has squeezed 17 hours of battery life with talk in while you can hear the 15 hours of music.

Price and availability

The new headset from Jabra can be yours from the end of June for a suggested price of $ 699 dollars, while several dealers have already hiked the price down to around 650 dollars.
Jabra Halo Smart can be purchased in the three colors of red, blue and black.