It Appears in The Alleged Successor of Lumia 1020 Images

We have seen many phones Windows Phone since the Lumia 1020 appeared on the market. But many are still awaiting a successor, is the hand of Nokia, or Microsoft.
Today we can share with you images that correspond with this model, better known internally as ‘McLaren’. What we see is a prototype, and does not imply that it will become a real phone, or that that will be his final appearance. Moreover, it seems to be a cancelled project.
The prototype that has come to light could be false, there are a couple of details that squeak, like that the navigation buttons are not drawn on the screen. They also tell us that the camera lens – at the margin of the black area which houses – is not as large as a Lumia 1020.
The design if it paints continuity with respect to the 1020. In the specifications is that there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon with a couple of gigabytes of RAM and 32GB for storage. The screen would be greater than 5 inch, with resolution FullHD.
It is important to remember that in the past it has been collecting information on a phone – McLaren – where gestures are important, Amazon Fire Phone style, and on the information that has emerged today, we do not see any indication of this.

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