iPhone: Six Alternatives to Apple Apps

In terms of development, Apple is outstanding – but just not perfect. This concerns also the app offer, which on the iPhone and iPad pre-installed. We tell you a few practical alternatives, making it better here but a tick of the functioning and operation.
Evernote Instead of Notes
Apple’s notes app offers little functions that go beyond the pure creation of short reminder texts. More offers since the app EverNote: except to write, notes, whose length is not limited, you can take even voice memos and documents on social networks to share with others. It is also possible to synchronize the data of EverNote on all your devices. EverNote is available on iTunes or for free in Apple’s app store for iOS devices.
Also wonders list is an interesting alternative to the Notes app and offers functionality similar to EverNote, but perhaps is the design appealing here for some of you. The app includes also synchronization and memory function, the ability to split – and it is also free.
Procam 2 Instead of Camera
Unfortunately, the camera app from Apple has only a very limited range of functions. A good alternative is the app ProCam 2, which offers you a night mode, a self-timer and a face detection with automatic tripping function. Series of images and a configurable mode for video recordings are available. In addition, there is a feature that can help prevent blurred video images. ProCam 2 costs about one euro and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Impala Instead of Photos
After you have taken pictures, you want of course properly store them, and manage. Impala is a good alternative to the Apple app photos – she can even automatically sort the images. On the basis of the subject, Impala assigns an image of a specific category and places it in the appropriate folder. That of course not one hundred percent – can save you but a high workload when the sort you. The app Impala is available for iOS devices for free.
Fantastical 2 Instead of Calendar
The calendar app from Apple is rather minimalist designed – for more options to manage and display of dates the app Fatastical 2 is recommended. Although it is not exactly cheap, but for that, you’ll get an easy to use application, which can be customized Ansichten. Especially at speed, fantastical 2 has front nose: when you write the key data of an appointment, this is automatically inserted in the calendar. Fantastical 2 costs as iPad version 8.99 euros and for the iPhone 4,99 Euro.
Check Mark 2 Instead of Memories
The application of check mark 2 offers you a variety of features that are not included in the memories app by Apple. You can leave with many different lists better organize your everyday life, and remind you of things. Local memory function is particularly useful – it indicates you, for example, to buy cheese, as soon as you enter a supermarket. Check mark 2 is available for 5.49 on iTunes.

Wetter.Info Instead of Weather
The weather app by Apple refers to their data from Yahoo, which occasionally are notable for inaccuracies. The app Wetter.info, issued by Deutsche Telekom AG is reliable. Especially handy is the precipitation radar, which can make predictions for your location based on the rainfall of the last 90 minutes. Wetter.info is free and ended up with a comparison of the Stiftung Warentest on one of the front seats. However, the app sends personal data to the operator, which are irrelevant for the use of the app.