iPhone Prices Leaked-7: Here Are the Possible Danish Prices

Prices on iPhone, iPhone 7 Plus 7 and iPhone 7 Pro, as they so far goes under, has been leaked. See them all here converted into possible Danish prices.
They suspected prices on Apple’s three upcoming iPhones have been leaked by someone on the large Chinese social media Weibo, which has a high accuracy with previous leaked content within the smartphone world.
Of Chinese prices shows that more interesting information. First and foremost is also used here the name iPhone 7, although there have been rumours that this year’s iPhone-release will be a third game based on the iPhone 6-name.
The other interesting thing is that iPhone 7 Pro variant is to find, as only sporadically have been part of the many rumors that have flourished in recent months.
Below, you can see the Chinese (and Danish added) prices on the three new iPhone 7 smartphones compared with what the recommended rates were for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, since they were launched last fall.

More storage for the same price or close to

As it is clearly seen from the table, says Apple to keep almost the same price on iPhone 7 and iPhone as iPhone 6s and 6s 7 Plus Plus. Where iPhone 6s is available in 64 and 128, 16 GB configurations, will iPhone 7 be available with 32, 64 and 256 GB storage space. The base model and the model of iPhone between 7 remains unchanged in price (~ 5.799 DKK and ~ 6,699 DKK), while the top model with 256 GB of storage space will be a couple of hundred dollars more expensive (~ us $ 7.819.).
The same applies with iPhone 7 Plus, where the two cheapest configurations meet the same price as iPhone 6s Plus (~ us $ 6.699. and ~ 7,599 DKK), but here is the storage space screwed up from 16 and 64 GB to 32 and 128 GB. The most expensive configuration also has 256 GB of storage space, here and here is the price difference is only around 100 kroner from iPhone 6s Plus (~ us $ 8.608.).
Finally, there is the Pro model, which is between 1,100 and 1,200 dollars more expensive than iPhone 7 Plus depending on the configuration, but Amazingly enough, it is still uncertain what separates iPhone Pro from Plus.
As always, it is worth taking such information with a grain of salt, since many factors come into play on what the final prices at home will be. It is, among other things, not to know if Apple chooses to price put the phones after last year’s recommended rates as used in this table, or whether it will be after the adjusted prices, which have been carried out in the months after its launch last year.
Therefore take the above prices as a clue as to what the various iPhone 7-models can come to cost here in Denmark.