iPhone 7 Plus: Video Shows The Possible User Interface The Dual Camera

Mode of operation of the dual camera: expected to be September 2016 Apple will introduce the iPhone 7 of public. The Maxi offshoot of the Smartphone will have a dual camera according to rumors – a video now shows how the UI might look.
Already in January, a patent from Apple to the public had entered was describing the possible functioning of the dual camera iPhone 7. The now released video has used this patent as the basis, to sketch the user interface of the camera. The dual camera should have therefore has two lenses: the wide angle lens is in the iPhone 6 s similar, while the so-called tele photo lens to record zoomed photos and videos, then to form an overall picture.
Display Via Split Screen
The patent describes examples of how the dual camera iPhone 7 in practice. The now released video shows this example with images: as parents at a birthday party could hold, for example, how the child blows out the candles; at the same time, a close-up of the moment is possible by using the telephoto lens. The camera app could parallel display this via split-screen.
In this way, it is also possible to record at the same time, a photo and a video of a situation. The rumored dual camera only in the larger version of the new ago flagship model to be installed, as iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 7 Pro on the market could be brought. The camera will also have optical zoom as a feature. At MWC 2016, company Corephtonics has already demonstrated how such technology in the smart phone might work.