iPhone 6s: This App Makes Gifs From Your Live Photos

The iPhone 6s can produce either so-called live photos with the camera, which seemingly come to life at finger tip. The trick: when taking pictures the camera takes a short film sequence, which is stored in addition to the JPG image. Live show photos but only as a still image other programs. An app to help to be able to show the movies in other applications.
iPhone 6s This App Makes Gifs From Your Live Photos
Live the app live GIF from PRIIME converts photos into an animation format that most other programs can display as Mac rumors is reporting. But, while portals simply neglected how detect a live Facebook photo just as ordinary JPG image and also stored data in the film, they recognize GIF animations. Live GIF reads the complete data of live photos and converted the whole thing in a GIF movie.
High Acceptance Of GIF Animations
However conversion into the more common format has its drawbacks: while live use photos millions of colors, GIF images and animations usually on 256 colors are limited. This is usually well compensated at higher resolutions as however by color mixing and therefore no further notice.
The advantage of GIF images and films is their wide acceptance within applications and the Internet. While live photos can be played back now almost exclusively of Apple devices, there is hardly a social network or photo program that can read not even GIF files and display. The live GIF format converter is available in the app store for 1.99 euros.