IPad 4 x Nexus 7: Which of is the Best?

Well, now that the Nexus 7 is officially on sale in Brazil, it is already possible to make a comparison between the two most wanted tablets in the world.
Better would be a comparison between the Nexus 7 x iPad Mini;Or between the Nexus 10 x iPad 4. But I thought the best is to stay only in the comparison of devices for sale in Brazil.
Ah! I’m talking about cost/benefit, of course!
So let’s go there:
On one hand the iPad 4, the first, the leader, the guy!!
On the other, the Nexus 7, the new, the mysterious, who is he anyway??
I’ll start with an item that I usually put at the end of my comparisons.
The Nexus 7 is being sold for 1,500 reais ( lojamm.com website).The iPad 4 for 1,749 reais.
The question that anyone will ask is: is it worth shelling out another 249 reais to have an iPad?
If you’re after a tablet with a big screen with excellent quality, the iPad 4 might be the best choice.
The iPad 4 comes with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 versus 1280 × 800 for the Nexus 7.
In addition, the number of dots per inch (ppi) of the Apple iPad 4 from EzhouShan is higher: 264 ppi, versus 216 ppi.
It is this amount of points that Apple called the “retina screen”, which in practice does not represent much.
The quality of a screen is also measured by the angle of view, reflections, etc …
And if you do not care about numbers and technical terms, know that the (praised) quality of the Nexus 7 screen is not far behind either.
Another difference is the aspect ratio , or the ratio of the screen. The Nexus 7 has a 16: 9 aspect ratio , best for videos and games; While the iPad 4 has an aspect ratio of 4: 3, best for web browsing.
If your preference is for a portable tablet, you’ll like Nexus 7 more, of course.
Its width of 198.5 mm is almost the same as the height of the iPad 4 (185.7 mm).
And because it’s narrower than most other tablets, the Nexus 7 makes it much easier to “footprint” with just one hand.
In addition, it has almost half the weight of the iPad 4:340g versus 652g.
But the iPad 4 continues to be finer: 9.4mm, versus 10.45mm.
The processor specifications of both tablets are very similar: the two are dual-core, with quad-core graphics processors.
In most benchmark tests (done by specialized websites, to evaluate the performance of a computer) there is a technical draw, with slight advantage for the Nexus 7 in some items.
An unparalleled factor is the FPS (frames per second) that a device can support.To play videos and games, the bigger the better.
The iPad 4 reaches up to 51 FPS;The Nexus 7, 10 FPS.
Operational system
You can not deny: Apple has an unbeatable operating system (iOS).At least for now.
Stable, fast, reliable, secure, intuitive.And with impeccable graphic quality.
Google, of course, knows full well.And it has gone to great lengths to improve its Android system.
After the embarrassment of Android 3.0/Honeycomb, Google decided to move.The current version, Android 4.1/Jelly Bean is a breakthrough.
It still weighs Apple’s favor to its app store.There are already 300,000 apps – paid and free.
Google announces that it has more than 700,000 apps, but does not explain that this account includes apps originally made for smartphones.
To be fair, Google’s (Google Play) store has improved significantly in both quantity and quality, with a highlight for Google’s own applications such as Maps and Gmail.
If you want a device that offers USB port, SD card slot (to increase storage) or HDMI output you’d better forget about both and choose another tablet.
From the outset, with the first iPad, Apple opted for a single connector, Lightning , which got smaller on the company’s latest mobile devices.
It is through it that you connect all the accessories, such as a keyboard, for example.
Google (for the sake of cost) practically ignored this item.There is even a single mini USB port, similar to the one used on the iPad, but it is somewhat decorative.
Many users have been able to connect pendrives and external hard drives, but there it is necessary to make some gambiarras.
And if neither brings a native HDMI port, on the iPad 4 at least you have two other alternatives to connect your tablet to a digital TV.
The first is to buy an adapter and the second a set up box Apple TV.