Internet Filters for Children

The number of children that connect to internet for educational needs or just for fun, is increasing. The web is a place of anarchy in which anything goes, and where rarely is seeing cases of censorship, does not explain otherwise the prevalence of pornography. We see then how to make the internet safe for our children.
The children use the internet at school already for six years, and this will clearly also a use within the family, which in most cases should be supervised by an adult, so please make sure that the small access only to content that is appropriate to his age.
The kids sailing alone, more often than not, they come across pornographic sites, get used to the erotic images and become less responsive to requests for a stranger who pretends to be a chat room friend. The pedophilia is one of those serious wounds that he fully exploited all the tools provided by the web, encouraging the spread of perverse images and movies, and providing those tools that allow the pedophile from coming into contact with a minor.
To prevent child abuse, you should protect children from pornography, first of all, and in these cases it would be appropriate if the parent is sitting next to their children while they use the internet, or unable to do so, use special filters that monitor traffic and access to web pages, or alternatively install on the computer the appropriate browser dedicated to children, says technology-wiki.
Windows Live Family Safety might prove a viable alternative because it allows you to block even video games, as well as enabling a high level of customization. The administrator, in this case the parent may set restrictions on navigation of the children, choosing among five content categories. An excellent tool that allows you to monitor and record the navigation of the smallest. Windows Live Family Safety is a useful software, efficient but unfortunately with some flaw, because it allows access to Youtube videos, even in those cases where titles and labels are patently pornography. On the other hand is totally free.
Even Kiddonet is a browser totally free colored, ideal for children, full of links and fun games, but unfortunately only available in English. Alternatively we can use Protect Bimbo, a browser that always belongs to the parental controls category, which includes all those software that filter out and control traffic on the internet, and which are also used in schools. In any case, until the age of ten years, it would be appropriate that the child he sailed on the internet only in presence of an adult.