Interior Design Shops in Berlin

With our carefully compiled selection of designer lamps we are currently managed in the selection of the book series “Berlin’s Finest”. “50 inspirational design shops” was authoress Annemone contactor aka AnneLiWest together in the same name, this month’s issue and we are absolutely thrilled that also design place light + lights Berlin was included in the hand-picked selection of the best Berlin design shops. With this paper we would like to thank both of design place the author and the publisher and invite you to a small tour of the book!

Berlin’s Finest-50 Inspirational Design Shops
As a creative Mecca the city has Berlin a lot to offer, that’s all well aware! But when it comes to practical questions like “Where do I get my new furniture, dressy and delicacies from?” Our knowledge horizon is suddenly very limited. Too big is the city too confusing their offer. How good that the thematic city guides Berlin’s Finest are, the pearl fishing since 2014 under this heading from the creative pool Berlin and introduces us nice laid-out books. The series “50 exquisite food stores” and “50 special fashion stores” now joined with an “50 inspirational design stores” the third episode.
On 160 pages of MysteryAround, you will find in alphabetical breakdown informative texts and pictorial impressions of Berlin design shops, the concepts on which they are based and the creative minds that are behind it all. The Theme of the book includes accessories, glass & porcelain, children, kitchen, furniture, Vintage & Antiques, Wall & Textiles, Made in Berlin and of course our category lights. Among there is also the review of design place light + lights, page 36.
Author Annemone Contactor aka AnneLiWest
If you like and often hangs out in Berlin design blog, the name AnneLiWest is certainly known. Under this pseudonym reported Annemone contactor in her blog and Facebook page regularly the good things (big city) life. For 20 years, based in Berlin and worked as a designer, the author is definitely regarded as location-and competently, so we rely on their aesthetic judgment around Berlin & Design. Versatile is AnneLiWests Webblog and provides, for example under the heading “Nice in mid” or “Beautiful in Prenzlauer Berg” the design showrooms from our neighborhood, the environment Oderbergerstraße before. Not always remains wife contactor in reporting her adopted home faithful: With categories such as “Travel Edition London” or “Travel Edition Cambodia” it takes us like to antemberaunde places less correspond sometimes more and sometimes our viewing habits! For “Berlin’s Finest-50 inspirational design stores” equipped Annemone contactor also our showroom design place light + lights Berlin Oderberger Straße 42 a visit and handle on site, for the impressive photographs in the book, pen and camera.
Thanks to the author and to all of you enjoy reading with “Berlin’s Finest-50 inspirational design stores”!