Intel Releases an Image X 86 of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Has already been mentioned enough about the landing of Intel worldwide smartphone and tablet, and Google’s operating system architectures for optimizing x 86, which we anticipated a few months ago. Well, Intel has just release an image x 86 4 Android SDK.
This image, Android 4.0.3-based Ice Cream Sandwich, allows the Android emulator performance and run in a more efficient manner in the architecture x 86 Intel.
This version, level 15 of API, as already commented, already can be downloaded through the SDK Manager of Android, so developers already can be hands to work.
Recall that one of the major barriers that must be overcome for Intel as a supplier of processors in mobile devices is the autonomy and performance with their type SoC processors (System on a Chip) Atom Medfield 32 nm.
This is why it would be surprising to see soon major manufacturers associated with Android as they pull of Intel processors, joining this group already forming Nvidia with its Tegra, Qualcomm with their Snapdragon, Samsung with its Exynos and Texas Instruments with their Omap.