India Brings Bad Figures for Apple: 35% Decrease in Sales of The IPhone

See that Apple is making efforts to enter in India and profits in that market, but results are not coming out as they had hoped. Strategy Analytics has new figures pointing to a reduction of 35% of the sales of iPhone in the country as Android Gets 97% of market share.
The problem: the price. The iPhone are still too expensive for the Indians, who are choosing Android phones to be able to save money. Apple was already a season by applying sales strong enough on some of its iPhone models to counteract that.

The market opportunities more difficult in the world?

The figures hurt especially since Apple launched the iPhone, presented with the hope that its price would attract to markets as the India. During the second quarter of this year only 800,000 units have been sold iPhone in the country.
Is this the result of all the pressures that the Indian Government has had with Apple? Has the consortium that did not want that brand sold second hand terminals achieved its goal of damaging brand Indian finance? Can have different analysis in this regard, but the main thing is understood: the iPhone is too expensive for the India and in the end this has been seen in the benefits of the company. It is to think of new strategies.