Importance of Strong Fishing Baits

The baits that you use in your day of fishing, will represent a high percentage of the probability that you get good catches, especially from the shores.
This process of selection of the bait must be rigorous and with a previous investigation of the site that you chose, where you must analyze the conditions of the time, among many many factors that you must take into account. With this article I am going to define you, which are the baits “Strong” to my understanding, in which techniques to fish you can use them and the most common species that you can capture with these baits as such.
To begin with, I want to define you, that for me the strong baits are those that easily conform to the hook and at the same time remain compact before the impacts of fish bites; That is, they are not easily dismembered, they are not broken by the current and it is difficult to remove them from the hook by other factors such as the action of crabs. What would these baits be ?:
1- Octopus: This bait is one of the strongest to use, besides being very effective. If you use the tentacles of the small octopus and you take several destollos, you are going to achieve several interesting captures. Octopus as such you can use it in deep fishing in rocky areas; Snappers, snorers, colirubias, chillos, and MORE, are really fanatic to the octopus as bait. In longlines, it is another technique where you can use it with a very good result, since the baits in the long lines need to be long in the water because they practically fish SOLOS, and the octopus is ideal for this function.
2- Raw shrimps: It is true that these do not have as hard as the octopus but …. If you put them well in your hook, it will be difficult for the fish to tear it to pieces. You must put it in such a way that the fish can get it into the COMPLETE mouth once without getting it to peck it; Therefore the tip of your hook should be hidden in the shrimp, BUT at the same time that it is superficial, which when the fish coma practically it is anzuele alone. This I explained to you is very important, do not overlook it, please. A technique where you can place it would be in the fishing with CORCHO, near the mouth of the rivers. BIG mojarras are addicted to this bait, like the jureles, macabíes, and most of the species that prowl the shores of the coasts.

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3- Crab or Jaiba: VERY GOOD I also consider this bait in particular, if you can put it LIVE and hook it on one of its hind legs will be even more effective.Try to choose it medium-sized so that it is more convenient for the species that attack it to swallow it more easily. You must fish with them in rather sandy bottoms, where they can walk underwater; Species like the PALOMETTE attack very veracity to the crabs of small size; Remember it is important to place it LIVE on your hook.
4- Squid: Well .. definitely the squid could not miss on this list, as Andrewfishing considers it to be the most effective of fishing baits. Undoubtedly the well-placed squid tentacles on your hook are a deadly soul for the PARGOS at night. In zones like the mouths of the rivers, and rocky bottoms, the squid is very effective;Like octopus, is also used a lot in longlines, in fact I, for example, I am interlacing between squid and octopus each of the hooks that make up this addition.
So you already have a clear idea of ​​the “strong” baits I was referring to, right? Well … you already know that when it comes to choosing the bait it is very important to think about it if you are really looking to excel in fishing .Remember that I personally have tried these tips hundreds of times, that is why I place them in the article because I am sure that the positive results are going to feel. Leave me your comments and doubts, I will personally clarify them.