Importance of Applying Makeup

In times of crisis, we need to reduce certain costs, and give up certain habits. We change our way of life without understanding, or unintentionally.

Can give women the trick, in times of crisis? We find out the results of a survey of L’oreal, on a sample of 4000 women from 5 different countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States).
The conclusion against the crisis, because 90% of women say they haven’t changed the habits with the crisis. The trick is very important for women, because it helps boost confidence in themselves and aprezzarsi.
Only Italian women have cut back with 21% products of makeup. French women are the most enthusiastic to go to beauty salons, get rid of daily concerns, according to Health-Beauty-Guides.
Changing the hairstyle or the color of the hair causes joy and optimism. For this, a third party participant women in the study, regardless of their country, accepts new provocations and hair changes.
In the case of women over 40 years, the change of style is through balls aprocciato. Therefore, women under 50 years looking for a change of style (new color, new hairstyle) for his own pleasure, while women over 50 years old prefer only cut his hair, to save money.
The ladies prefer to do the manicure to be more relax, while the siginore over 50 years prefer facials.
Certainly, women do not give up on “arms” favorite face the world, even if the period does not offer much joy and life is much harder.