I’m Pregnant. Can I Dye My Hair?

We spoke to a Hairdresser to help you know what you should and should not do in this case. One of the most controversial issues among women involves the use or not of paints or any other chemical in the hair during the period of pregnancy. Will they do any harm to the baby that is inside the stomach? What are the consequences that the use of chemical products can bring to pregnancy?
The inks, especially the oldest, relaxers or perms contain many substances (including ammonia, benzene or formaldehyde), which are absorbed by the scalp, very vascularized region, who arrive to the baby and may harm you. However, there are plenty of disagreements between experts (be they doctors or hairdressers) regarding the use of chemicals during pregnancy. Some fail, others minimize the problem and provide solutions.

There are doctors who don’t recommend any type of product that is chemical (paint or other procedures as permanent or relaxers), there are other doctors that indicate the use of natural products, such as henna or paint without ammonia or apply the paint without touching on the root of the hair, namely, highlights or reflections, which are applied with a CAP to protect the scalp from chemicals.

We spoke to a Hairdresser to give us your opinion and experience. Celeste Fernandez, explained that in fact the views are controversial but the most important thing is not to do any type of chemical procedure up to 3/4 months of pregnancy because it is at this point that there are more possibilities to generate malformations. From there it’s been a real shot in the paint market that do not contain ammonia and so are not dangerous for the baby. In the case of the permanent is the service that does not advise on any of the stages of pregnancy because it has components that are very aggressive, for both the mother and the baby.

We also explained that the hair style of a pregnant woman is anybody’s guess because often the products or cling to your hair, so he may have ideas of the paint and didn’t get that effect. In relation to the Henna Celeste told us that does not recommend using, since despite being a natural product, has several components that are aggressive and can cause allergic reactions.
However, it is advisable always to speak with the doctor who follows because each pregnant can have different degrees of intolerance.


  • Before becoming pregnant, ask your doctor about the products they use on a daily basis to see if they can be used during pregnancy.
  • Try to follow the guidelines of your doctor and don’t always listen to the advice of her friends. Just because you went well with them, may not be okay with you.
  • Nine months is an eternity, go by fast! If you can’t paint all over don’t dramatize and try to find hairstyles that help disguise.