iG New Face (Interview)

He certainly is among my favorite internet portals. It may be the preferred – it does not matter. The iG aired in full Wednesday the new interface to your homepage, which from today becomes the home of millions of Brazilian internet users who open the browser and give face to face with the highlights of the portal.

Result of an intense work on the graphics, the new iG is lighter. The highlights, large text to that which deserves our attention and several windows (those highlights rolling, as the cover of TB) are some of the positives of the new layout.
Top Menu iG was more complete. Hovering the mouse cursor, new options appear so that the Internet has a more complete navigation. If desired, it can access channels or subchannels and go directly to it (for example: instead of clicking on “Save” to, after loading the Economy channel, click again and open the agribusiness channel, now you can do this path from the homepage .
I was also happy to see that campões infographics iG won a special section on the cover of the site. I have met the department that makes the art of iG – you also, since Ipublished a special backstage about it here – and I can say that here there is a team really committed to bring good information in a simplified way for Brazilian users.
Some adjustments still need to be made. For example, the auto-refresh less than 3 minutes Cris Dias made ​​a point of criticizing the Brainstorm 9 . It takes very little time to reload the page.
Discover all the news from iG cover this special report published by themselves.

“There’s less advertising home”

Rather than reporting the matter, I went straight at the source. Follow below interview with Daniel Santiago, user experience designer and responsible for the new cover of iG. He tells us interesting details about the recent changes.
What is the main difference from the old home to the new iG?
There are about a year, started an intense restructuring of new channels along with the creation of a new visual identity to identify the user is browsing the same environment, thus improving the experience and navigation between sites.
In the new home, one of the main objectives was to bring all this experience and apply it to the main and most accessed page iG. Besides the visual restructuring, the new design favors more content and bet on tools and services that were in the old version with little attention. Videos and infographics also have exclusive spaces on the page.
I have the impression that there is less advertising in this new home.
No less publicity in the new home; what happened was just a reorganization of the inventory.
The market of Internet advertising, which “old” was regarded as complementary to magazine ads, TV and / or radio, now earn main character status and growing at rapid pace, especially with the massive arrival of the C and D classes in this virtual world.
In iG, there is an ongoing study of new forms and spaces that can meet the advertiser. We are seeking a balance between usability and advertising, more testing our sites and developing more efficient formats.
What is the importance of infographics with quick access on the cover of iG?
With the new exclusive area, users will have direct access to the new infographics. It’s a quick way to expose our visual content, also allowing users to interact with all infographics iG.
At least iG and another portal adopted this visual considered minimal. This is a global trend? Where does it come from?
It is a modernist design, based on a grid structure that is gaining more strength on the web. It is a trend that sites have a more functional aesthetics, for ease of use and transport information. With the large volume of information we are bombarded every day and with the little time we have to assimilate all issso is imprecindível – especially for large vehicles – have a clear and objective communication with the user.
Who sends the message before, out in front and for this, the visual should favor the content and not compete for attention with it.
Update – 22.09.2011 at 1:56 a.m. | I had written earlier that the amount of advertising had decreased in the new version of the home page. It’s not the case.