If You Play the Romantic Style

What woman does not like, at least now and then, bet on a romantic look!
Well, the fact is that the romantic style is super high, and we, of course, give the greatest strength, because we love!
The romantic style makes any more feminine and delicate woman.
Here’s how to join the romantic style.
Clothing and accessories in lighter tones like pastel and nude characterize this style, although, of course, stronger colors can be used.
How not to be charmed with this super delicate style?
A tip for those who want to invest in this style is bet on lace dresses, and although stronger colors can be used, prefer clarinhos tones.
Another tip is to invest in floral prints that super match any woman, besides being simple.
Another tip is to invest in skirts , considered a sort of uniform by the “romantic” as the singer Taylor Swift , whose looks are usually mounted with skirts and mark the waist, but at the same time are light, in fact, 80% the looks are mounted on top of this piece, and the well – ball rounds of 15 and graduation are the most cherished.
Another tip for those who want to join the romantic style , is to invest in Polka Dot, this print is super face 50s, and so, of course, a favorite of romantic, to give an air more vintage production!
When choosing accessories, no exaggerations, invest in parts, cute, forget the very large bracelets or rings that mix. If play in bows, headbands flowers and bows on the head, braids, buns, and makeup, choose colors in skin tone or pink.
Round golas, tissue fluids (such as satin and chiffon), pearls, jewels, ruffles, puffy sleeves and vintage influences are also present in the wardrobe romantic style.
It is noteworthy that the aged colors are also big bets this trend and still give a vintage air to the pieces.
And in the days more freshly baked, the tip is to invest in a cute sweater, bring that retro footprint and the face of the romantic style!
Time to choose shoes, forget the grasshoppers or platforms, and invest in shorties like sneakers, oxfords, moccasins and worth abusing booties and colors like caramel or nude, but of course, no need to be so hard, it daring, always!
For example, if you are the type that does not, in any way, a high heel, the tip in this case is to bet on models with laces, buckles or flowers.
But, it never hurts to remember that common sense should always be your best friend, no hype at the time to put together a look for special meeting , please do not use all the accessories bought in the same production, balance is essential for the visual becomes a cutie!
Taylor Swift is one of the adepts romantic style, and often for their production does not fall into sameness, it invests in items of other styles, such as the hippie and the country and ends up being really cool!
Anyway, like this style? It is to invest in this trend ?? So the trick is to abuse the nude and pastel tones with vintage touches.
Ready, love’s in the air … and someone there is romantic? Like this style? So if play in the romantic style!
However, being romantic is not enough for you to find and win a decent man, is not it? The amazing thing is that 99% of women do not know how to attract, win and create a relationship that she wants.
There are some simple habits and that any man understands. However, this subject is detailed in the definitive manual of female seduction.