Ideal Toys For Children 2 And 3 Years

In these very dates there are many unknowns about how to choose gifts for the kids of the House well. Today we are going to help you choose the best toys for two- and three-year-olds.

Ideal Toys For Children 2 And 3 Years

The game is the most important activity that our children perform. Through him, they experience, learn, play their impressions and internalize them. While having fun they analyse the relations between people and the manifestations of the natural laws. There is no doubt that the game is essential and appropriate toys can be of much help, says topbbacolleges.
The tablets have led to considerable progress in the game and education of children, but it should not be forgotten that with them can stimulate all your senses not feel basic experiences for their development as you feel the weight of the object, its shape, its temperature… etc.
Therefore, choosing the right toy is very important, especially at early ages and must that take into account factors such as:
The toy safety: To comply with safety regulations. Occasionally, we chose cheaper toys which do not comply with the regulations and do not realize that may be hazardous. Especially if you are going to allow the small to play by himself sometimes.
Suitable for your age/cognitive development: Some toys are not suitable for children because of its difficulty. It is important that it is adapted to their age or who, in his absence, is versatile and allows you to adapt the game to your needs.Otherwise, if the toy is very difficult, it will leave it because experience overcomes him.

What Toys Would Be Ideals For A Child Two Or Three Years?

As we have seen, the most appropriate toys will be those that foster the creativity of children. Avoid toys where everything is give them fact and they only have to repeat and repeat. The repetition is part of learning, but it is important that they have to run (according to their level of difficulty), decrypt small problems, and solve them. Develop problem-solving and deductive ability and imagination, are some of the needs that must satisfy a toy.
Let’s not forget the fun component. An educational toy in the strict sense can be too boring. You have to have some component of challenge. Don’t forget that educational toys tend to be the most complete, especially for children, but remember that many times will require your presence at least the first few times that it plays. Once the small learn, is already able to perform by himself the game and you will love being able to solve it without your help.
Some interesting examples can be: Slottable up to eight or ten pieces with colors and striking forms, constructions in wood or other material not weighing in excess and without edges. Vessels of different sizes and colors will be ideal toys that will allow them to experiment with shapes and sizes.
Toys based on the Montessori philosophywe love. They are toys that comply with all of these features. They tend to be wooden and attached much importance to the sensory development. There are different levels of difficulty and opt for a free game prior supervision of the father or guardian. Develop the senses at this age is vital for the correct development of the potential and abilities of children. Failure to do so can have very negative effects, especially of the behaviour (autism, among others).

Why Is Kibitoys Also A Very Good Option?

KiBi Toys are wooden toys quality, with a touch of soft and warm, ideal for the first sensory learning experiences. In addition, they are simple to use and versatile (adapt the difficulty to the age of the child by adding or removing parts).
They are also inspired by Montessori philosophy, because they require the initial presence of the parent or guardian to guide the exercise but then allows the small solve it by itself and overcome in time to make it once learned.
In addition, KiBi adapted the use of new technologies to your Memory Games. Just play with toys or add the tablet to maximize the game and learning experience. With the tablet and the free App of KiBi, you can correct the exercises, play and decoding challenges and interact with virtual characters. And all this while continuing to stimulate your senses. KibiToys is the only sensory App from the market.
If you do not know what to give your children, sensory toys are a great option to take into account in Kings.Nothing like having fun while being educated the senses, in a world where tablets have superimposed to the illusion with a credible, tangible and real toy.