Ice Fishing Tent Accessories

It is not easy to orientate in the tent section and find out what the elements needed to practice this type of fishing. Discover here all the products that will be useful for carp fishing.


Cane is an essential element for the CARP fishing, which is the tool that will allow launching and effectively fight with the fish.

Rods for fishing carps are different in two things:

Length: the longer the shank, further drop (the lever arm will be higher).
Action: more or less rigid rods have different actions. The shank is the curve that it adopts when subjected to compression (for example, when you toss).
There are several actions, the more flexible the stiffer (parabolic, long-distance, progressive,) tip.
To start, a long-distance 3,60 m cane will be perfect, since it is very versatile. Its flexibility and its length allow you to make a few good sets and have a good feeling with the fish.
The reel
For the fishing of the tent from AndrewFishing, there are that have in has two elements:
-The size of the spool: for fishing carp, the reel must have as a minimum 250 m of line. The attacks can exceed 100 m, so it should be a good reserve of line coil to fight with the fish without the risk of running out of line.
-The sensitivity of the brake: to not break the line during the battle, should tighten the spool brake. A brake with a power of 4 kg is sufficient for the majority of fighting. To adjust the brake well during combat, it should tighten it so that the fish can not pull too line, but must also be loosened enough to not break the line.
Don’t forget to loosen the brake at the time put the fish in the bogagrip. It is a critical moment, in which the line is shorter and the maximum voltage.

The line

There are two broad categories of lines for fishing carp:

the monofilament:

There are all colors, while the transparent line (Crystal) or the line of camouflage (Camo) are often preferred. The line is an elastic thread that avoids the risk of the fish is released during combat. And this thanks to its elasticity, which can absorb the fish pulls. A versatile line is 35/100, since it will allow you to fish most fish firmly.

The twists:

It is a line formed by braided fibers, which, with a same diameter, is much stronger than a normal line. While the resistance of the braid is much higher, almost not elastic and will not compensate errors during combat with the fish. So it is not recommended to start with this body of line.


The Assembly is the part located at the end of the line, which will see the fish and bait will hook you.
There are all kinds of assemblies, although the most versatile is the classic montage: a lead on the line, followed by a braided line bass with a hook. A versatile lead weight has 60 to 80 g. This is sufficient for fish in the majority of surfaces aquatic. In the rivers, there is that increase them grams to respond to the current. The most versatile hook size is n ° 4. It is indicated for most sizes of bait and tents.

The bait:


STANDS for canes

CARP fishing is a type of fishing that we must support the or rods. To do this, there are several solutions:




To start, a single Pike with a chopped front detector and cane bead placed in the soil may be sufficient in a clean edge.
The advantage of the support rods is that it allows to place gray ones next to each other to act quickly in the event of a bite. Is up to you to decide which support rods best suits your type of fishing.
A time placed the cane, not you forget of tensioning the line and of release the brake until the line start to exit by itself only of the coil, keeping is tension.
Now you know all the basics for fishing carp, so you get to you!