I Gucci Watch with Diamonds

The I-Gucci rubber bracelet and sporty design is available in three colors.
One thinks of the watches from Gucci, the elegant jewelry watches and Gold timepieces come first. But also in the area of sports watches, the Italian luxury brand is now well established. Recently, Gucci launched a watch which meets the demands of professional sailors in all respects.
In 2011 was a digital clock with sporty style, designed by the creative head of the luxury brand, introduced a timer with the name I-Gucci, Frida Giannini. Now the current I-Gucci line has some technical extensions. Above all the regatta function. This is a technical trick that should help the skipper correctly on his boat at the start of a regatta. A countdown is back five minutes before the start and then automatically enters a chronograph, measuring the time intervals, extremely valuable at one competition seconds and hundred else customers and stores. A second double chronograph offers the possibility to measure two time intervals and the difference the ambitious sailor.

A Clock for Professional Sailors

According to watchtutorials, another special feature of this watch is the tachymeter, which is a function considered to be particularly useful in the watchmaking industry at sports. The skipper can estimate the average speed with a known and fixed distance. A technical property that may be at a competitive advantage. Even if the I-Gucci due to their digital display unlike other sailing watches less is a companion for the celebration after the race, digital watches are often preferred by professional sailors as makes it easy to read the time even in turbulent sailing situations. Skipper, who still prefer the analog time display, can switch the dial pointer.

A Persisted form Language

In the formal language, the new Gucci watches have remained largely the same. The timepieces are available in three colors – black, Orange and blue -, where the typical Gucci Web stripe in green and Red have the black copy. The bracelets are made of rubber – a material which applies in particular to the water sports, for example, when divers watches, due to its hardiness as popular.
Another technical feature of the latest model of I-Gucci’s line of the pedometer. This counts the back laid steps based on the movement of the body, the display is done at a distance of twenty steps. But there likely is a function for athletes who are better spent on safe ground, as on the open sea.