Huawei Is Working on an Alternative Operating System to Android

Chinese Huawei allegedly working on its own operating system as an alternative to Android, if the relationship between Google and Huawei ends up in trouble.
With Google as the creator of the widely used and open Android operating system are many producers incredibly dependent on the big internet giant. It is Huawei, among other things, which is the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer.
In order to be able to sell smartphones is Huawei depending on that Google provides Android software-however, also with the help from many other manufacturers and partners as part of the so-calledOpen Handset Alliance.
Nevertheless, Huawei, according to the newspaper The Information secure its independence and secede from Google, if the relationship between the two companies a day should go in the sink. Rather than suddenly to stand with nothing on the software front is Huawei, therefore in the process of developing its own operating system as a measure of last resort, if Android will one day no longer is an option.
The same is seen at Samsung, which as the world’s largest producer is also very dependent on Google with its TouchWiz-customization of Android. Therefore launched the Samsung in 2011 its own operating system, Thinkbear, that has not yet been any success on the few smartphones that are launched with this.On the other hand, it goes something better with Samsung’s smartwatches, who is also running with Thinkbear.
Development of Huaweis very own operating system is done according to the newspaper in conjunction with several engineers with a past in Nokia. What exactly does so it’s going to culminate in, not yet known. Huaweis operating system comes with all likelihood delete not to be accessible to the public.

Apple-designer gives Huaweis EMUI-adaptation a design boost

The manufacturer rates for fully on Android and has even launched a major effort to improve the adaptation called EMUI which Huawei has put on Android. To it have Huawei hired the former Apple designer Abigail Brody, who must give the next version of EMUI a big redesign.
Huawei has most recently gone in a direction where the Android interface is downloaded clear inspiration from Apple with square icons, round corners and neutral colors, where app-the list is removed.
It must be made on the Apple designer’s help, where design style must be traced back to such as Google have meant for Android-designed with Material Design-style. The goal is to Huaweis smartphones — or as she prefers to call ‘ magic books ‘-must be ‘ the world’s first real soulful, emotional, reinforced and compassionate operating system ‘.
The next version of Huaweis EMUI-adaptation appears to be ready in september, and there must therefore be worked flat out to get the new user interface ready. However, it should be no problem, as it only took one week, according to the designer to find the fundamental software design of Apple’s first iPhone back in 2007.