HTC Nexus 9 Preview

The first shipments of HTC Nexus 9 will start at the beginning of next week and together with these, there will be the latest build of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Is still a prerelease build (but more recently, the LRX21K) that we got to try the new tablet Nexus manufactured by HTC in collaboration with Google.

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You’ll probably all on the technical specifications of the new Nexus 9. To do a quick summary of its strengths: processor NVIDIA Tegra dual core 2.3 GHz 64 bit K1, 2 GB RAM, 8.9 inch screen 4:3 resolution 2048 × 1536 pixels, audio boomsound and 6700 battery mAh. Will also be available in a version with LTE connectivity. Despite the Nexus products do not allow customizations software, HTC smartphone has still found a way to put his mark on this device. In addition to the front speaker, we also speak of build quality (the edge of the tablet is made of aluminium) and the range of accessories. This consists of the keyboard-NFC cover (sold to 129€) and covers very smart enhance protect the display or sorrggerlo, but have no physical engagement with the tablet.
Android, but that you’ll know for sure, is version 5.0 Lollipop and we find much of the news you’d expect, like the new multitasking, new notifications, the new lock screen and new multi-user management. Even applications have been updated, but there was no significant change in our device, if no GMail in Material Design (seen in the leak by Nexus 6). There is the awakening with the double-tap, but you cannot back on the spindle in the same manner. On paper it should have worked even Awakening through voice control Ok Google, but was not yet possible to the device we tried.
But we arrive at considerations: who buys a tablet Nexus often already know what goes to meet and, for us, this Nexus 9 was just as we expected. A perfect Android box Lollipop from 8.9 inches in a format 4:3, which is very convenient for many types of uses. Us “support” for this size of display, compared to 10 and 7 inches (to follow even a photo compared with Nexus 7), but only a thorough test will allow us to confirm this impression. In Nexus 9 hand is relatively simple to use, especially when combined with the original cover or cover-keyboard.The metallic finish is a real touch à la HTC and overall design, although not a total innovation, however is the result of a good job. We reserve judgment for camera (at first sight somewhat subdued) and performance (at first sight exciting) to the ultimate test.