HTC M8: Leaked Image of Cover with Extra Pocket on the Back

The extra space is supposed to be for fingerprint scanner or an extra camera for improved image quality in low light conditions.
Are we to believe earlier rumors, so will be the name of HTC One sequel HTC One +. A new image as our site has emerged, showing an extra hole at the back of the phone, just above where the camera/LED Flash will be placed …
If you dare to believe that this image actually shows the back on HTC’s next top model, it confirms one of two pending rumors. Either it is a scanner for fingerprints, otherwise it is an extra camera lens to take better pictures in situations with less light.
The location of the extra hole leads me to believe that there is no question of a scanner for fingerprints, it does not work as specifically naturally having to scan his finger at the top of the phone where the cover bows.
I also think it should not be necessary to lift his phone to unlock it, in my world, a scanner must sit on the front-what do you think?