HTC Introduces One A9 Android 6.0

As one of the first manufacturers HTC with the one A9 brings a Smartphone with Android 6.0 on the market. Despite the name, it is not a new top model, with metal housing and fingerprint scanner brings but it enough high-end flair.
The new HTC one A9 is unusual in several respects: it is not only one of the first smartphones away from the Google nexus devices that ships with Android 6.0-HTC differs significantly in appearance significantly from its previous line. The A9 to follow an unmistakable one-design, instead of the three generations more reminiscent of the iPhone 6.

The top model one M9 won’t come off for the time being the one A9 from technical point of view. Contrary to the rumors, the processor is not a faster high-end chip: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 has even eight cores, which are all based on the stromsparendem, but slower cortex-A53-design of ARM but. Four cores may turn up to 1.5 GHz, the other four according to HTC only up to 1.2 GHz. Given the heat problems of many top smartphones-including the one M9 – and the case of chip is still not a bad choice: unpleasant housing first trying it out was not hot in any case.
The 5-inch display shows 1920 × 1080 pixel (about 440 dpi pixel density) and is protected by Gorilla glass 4. There should be intensive color AMOLED technology was a significant difference to the so far mostly been ordinary HTC displays but not to see. Depending on the version, the device 2 GByte RAM and 16 GB Flash memory or 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB has internal memory. Both versions will get a MicroSDCX card slot. It’s hidden like the Nano-SIM slot behind a door to be opened only with tools. Transmitted is LTE, Bluetooth 4.1 and fast 11ac Wi-Fi.
Flat metal
Despite 143 grams, the one A9 was trying it out nicely in your hand, the rounded edges and a thickness of only slightly more than 7 millimeters are pleasantly noticeable. Makes the casing existing completely made of metal as usual a quality impression, the back is now completely flat and no longer with a slight bend as provided on the M9. The A9 is available in four different colours: grey, gold, silver, and red.
The headphone has migrated to the narrow front, besides the traditional micro-USB 2.0 port is located. The headset connector should be particularly powerful and with full volume level too high-end headphones defined by healthinclude. On the back there is a 13-megapixel camera with image stabilization, front, there are the well-known ultra-pixel camera of the previous four megapixels. The comparatively small 2150 mAh battery should be quickly recharged using the quick charge function.
The mix of hardware and software keys is unusual even for HTC standards. The menu button on the front is only a sensor surface was integrated into the fingerprint scanner. Like Samsung and Apple there is not a key travel, more sensor buttons are missing. The remaining operation is typical of Android over the three soft keys.
Quick updates
Android 6.0 is already running on the device, but that there is under the HTC sense interface barely make out. That has not changed visually compared to the HTC phones with Android 5, as usual there is the news overview Blinkfeed on one of the home screens. Also the smart folder which should appropriately display apps to the situation are included again. HTC promises less to install bloatware and the bootloader is can be opened from House. Android updates should appear within 15 days of delivery for nexus devices.
The HTC one A9 is listed at various dealers in the 16-GByte version starting from 580 euro. It is to appear in November. (asp)