HTC and Motorola Is Losing Both Senior Managers

Both HTC’s co-founder and former Director, as well as Motorola’s senior design Manager leaving each of its activities.
The two smartphone manufacturers HTC and Motorola are suffering heavy casualties Both separate co-founder and former Director of HTC, Peter Chou, and the senior design Manager Jim Wicks, Motorola has left their respective activities.
Peter Chou was together with Cher Wang with co-founder HTC back in 1997. Since then, they have both held the post of Director in which Peter Chou last had to hand over the post to Cher Wang in March 2015, after many years of poor sales figures and accounts.
At the same time reported as HTC out that Peter Chou was moved to HTC’s Future Development Lab department to work on future HTC products. Then could the HTC in august indicate that Peter Chou now was the Director of the company Digital Domain, which makes it of special effects in films such as Deadpool, Furious 7 and X-Men: Apocalypse. He was, however, still affiliated with HTC for, among other things. to strengthen the producer’s action in the field of virtual reality, it sounded at the time.
Now illuminates the HTC, once and for all, according to the website MyDrivers, to Peter Chou is not a part of HTC, and that he has not been since September last year. Peter Chous parting with HTC is therefore not new as such, but is only now become public after HTC has been somewhat unclear in its previous press releases.
With Peter Chou as co-founder and Director, he has been instrumental in successes as the first Android phone in history (T-Mobile G1), the first smartphone-Nexus (Nexus One) and sællerter as the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, HTC One X and not least the newer One-series consisting of M7, M8, M9 and the current top model HTC 10.

Motorola’s design chief says goodbye

Not only HTC has suffered a great loss. Also Motorola, which in 2014 was acquired by Lenovo, has now lost a key person.
It is designchefen Jim Wicks, who since 2001 has been behind Motorola’s design philosophy and, among other things, has been the man behind the iconic Motorola Razr, Motorola DROID in the United States and in recent years the smart phone Moto G and agency Moto 360. He must now teach at Northwestern University, rather than to lead Motorola’s design team.
He follows thus in Motorola’s former Director, Rick Osterlohs, track, as only a few months ago also left the Lenovo-owned Motorola in favor of a position with Google. Thus, the two key people no longer find at Motorola. Fewer and fewer bits of the old Motorola looks thus appear to be back by the American producer as time goes on.