How to Wear: White Tennis Shoes

Sneakers, such essential footwear in our wardrobe, were only seen on the sports grounds until the mid-twentieth century. Thanks to the sportwear fashion that emerged at the time, they were also employed in day-to-day looks.They were also a symbol of defiance of conservative aesthetic standards – yeah, the piece has a lot of story to tell.It’s hard not to admire her!
Lately, the sneakers have not left our feet. They are comfortable, versatile and quite up-to-date. During the weeks of fashion, they were the stickers marked on the feet of the fashionistas – but also, what other footwear would endure so many hours of parades in one day, right? More specifically, one model stood out: white sneakers. It does not matter if it is Nike, Adidas, Reebok, All Star, Vans or Keds, what matters is if it is white.Lia has sometimes used her version of Superga and it was these looks that encouraged me to make the post today.
White pieces often give a weird feeling that it’s New Year or doctor’s outfit. Thankfully, these prints are falling behind and making interesting looks possible. The white sneakers give a lighter touch to the clothes, so it is a piece that goes very well with little dresses, skirts and shorts. As you will see below, several girls like to wear it with other white pieces – pants, blazers, dresses, shorts, t-shirts. And here’s the tip:if you enjoy, invest! The overall ~ white ~ climate is still quite high. Dungarees and jeans also work, and fashion tennis shoes sneakers are even cuter with stamped parts.Ah!You can even combine it with tailoring shorts to make the composition more fun.
Where to buy:Virus Store, Artwalk, Catwalk, Dafiti and BlackBoots.
1. White tennis with dress
2. White tennis with skirt
3. White tennis with shorts
4. White tennis with bib
5. White tennis with pants