How to Wear Tights and Socks

Tights and socks in the daily lives of ordinary women are simply irreplaceable!
Tights and socks – it’s a sign of femininity. A small but extremely integral part of the female image. What do you think lies behind the phrases: “I do not wear tights !”, “Buy pack of 5 pairs for 4.50 lev!” or “I wear tights only on holidays” or “stockings – it’s terribly inconvenient?”
Answer: the dominance of substandard goods and otsatstvie information for women on how to choose quality tights. Packaging, the material, shape and layout of the package can be any – it’s only advertising ploy by the manufacturer. For every woman is important as follows:

1. The presence in the manufacturer code. The first figure – it’s the code of the producer.For example, Italy – “800 to 830”. Finland – “641”.
2. The full name of the manufacturer.
3. Address of the leggings and tights manufacturer: country, city, street, house number. A good addition is the official website – shoppingpicks.
4. Composition in percentage terms and in Bulgarian. Tsenitelki tights define the composition characteristics of the tissue.
5. Table size at which alone can determine the appropriate size for you.
6. The package must be a Bulgarian product description odour.
This is the first you perceive when you open the package. Qualitative expensive products are treated with precious extracts comparable to expensive perfumes. Be sure to sniff tissue. Fake or substandard products smell of rubber or kerosene. Know that this fragrance is sustainable … Anatomic shaped sock(this feature is distributed only in thin tights types). In the unfolded state will see lines clearly repeated silhouette of the female foot. This feature allows the tissue more accurately envelop feet and off the appearance of wrinkles and ankles in the knees. Thick tights, especially with woven natural fiber impregnated, normally placed stitches. Effect “Tree”. Few are those who know, but this is the most important indicator of quality socks! Take a sock and review it to light. You will see circles as the trunk of a tree. The more interwoven circles has, the more high quality fabrics. This “drawing” form of special tangle triple thread. Therefore, in the “resting” these threads are stacked one above the other and create such an effect. When poor-quality tights you can see distant reminder of this effect or otsatstvieto him.