How to Wear The White Shirt?

Why choose to linger this week on our guard the most basic shirt dress? Because the answer to the question, is just not so basic that it looks!
Many women tell me they wear finally pretty little white shirt… and they are surprised they same by adding: ‘but it’s a Basic…». When I ask them what’s holding them, say they do not have any other idea than to wear it with a black jacket and they eventually get tired of this too “conventional” combination
We will see that the white shirt is a real asset mode and not a basic boring that makes us service two to three times per year (interview, great opportunity, communion of the niece, meeting with the Mayor, discount graduation…). No and no, its role is not only to be able to make an ‘impression’ when I don’t know what ceremony, wedding or business meeting.

The white shirt has real power of style that allows him to create a look ranging from the conventional to the most pointed.After reading this article, you will see your white shirt, everything else!
Indeed, I have created a synthesis of the best combinations of fashion with a white shirt look. The principles underlying them are so easy to remember that you can easily apply them on a daily basis.

The white shirt is your best ally to DARE not assumed

It allows you to dare to short to the Office: with it, you can get safely into adventure shorts or mini skirt.
This gives you the fantasy of strong pieces. For example, from left to right in the photo: it softens an important piece ofbright color. It allows to temper a character piece (skirt ethnic, white lolita skirt to peas, jean boyfriend) without doing eccentric. Finally, it allows to dare skirt extra glitter with cocktails or other formal evenings.

The white shirt is your best ally to give the “CHIC” no chic

She “chic-ise” denim. For example, from left to right in the photo: it allows to stay stylish in a casual look with shorts or jeans the weekend for a ride in the city or for a getaway in the country.
It chic-ise the denim to the office: it makes chic jeans used as here and twisted to wonder the small jean jacket.
It chic-ise the overalls, whatever its color.
Her long skirt romantic or Bohemian chic-ise

The white shirt is your best ally to settle down and enhance the leather

If you don’t know what to wear with your perfecto, pants or a skirt leather (even), the white shirt is the ideal complement for a balance in perfect style.

The white shirt is your best friend because it is a transformist

The same shirt can take very different looks depending on how you wear it.  It should be dress shirts when wearing in formal occasion. The white shirt has many faces. It is not a personality but a HOST depending on whether YOU decide:
-To wear untidy or not
-To wear untidy from above or from below
-To wear it with a
lipstick or not
-To roll up the sleeves in such a way or to such other
-Of button until high or not
-To unbutton her cleavage deep or shallow
-To accessorize it with jewels or not
-And finally, to make it same ‘accessory’ of other clothes: for example she accessorizes well the sailor with the game of overtaking col + bottom of shirt. She also accessorize your small mesh sweaters to make them more urban.
Ah yes, I forgot… It can also be tied of course! It’s a lot of possibilities is not it!
Finally, there is still a small essential condition for all these combo to be successful!
In your opinion? The shirt must be simply IMPECCABLE: a beautiful well maintained white and a beautiful well ironed material.