How to Wear the Metallic Trend?

The spring-summer 2016 we put eyeful with its metallic trend. Accessories to ready-to-wear, shiny looks fuse, desirable but sometimes complicated to wear. Some tips to be light.

From the smallest accessory to the largest piece, gloss settles on the shelves of the season. The biggest brands have praised: gold, silver, copper invite themselves everywhere. Christian Dior on it-bags and Diorama Diorever, from fingertips to toes Chanel and even from head to foot in Lacoste, brilliance is required. The problem is that unless you live in the nostalgia of the 80 or feeding a passion for British eccentricity, this bias can be difficult to adopt. You dream of a brilliant look for spring-summer but you are puzzled at the idea of ​​handling the trend? That’s three precepts for you to enter into the light.

“Shine Bright” But Not Necessarily “Like a Diamond”

In your mind, metal refers to a style of music – far from your favorite – and certainly not a color option. Yet the idea to spice up your look with a touch of illuminator does not leave you unmoved. Before spending the entire season to tell you that you never dare  and it’s not really “you”, consider the trend closely. By definition, fashion is polymorphic and comes with many nuances. If you are afraid of attracting pies with a very metallic silver shimmering, know that you can opt for a lurex, more discreet mixed with natural fibers. The blade, itself, may be more or less intense, so opt for a less reflective material to start. From the iridescent gold bling in there while a palette that even implies matt materials. Phobic the disco ball will have more excuses.

Slowly But Surely

While the metal is one of the most prominent trends in recent times. However, nothing forces you to brutally exhausting a foil roll around before you get out. To tame this bright aspect, we chose to go gradually. The trick from A2zdirectory: start with small accessories, then be guided to the most important pieces. If you realize that this cuff or this golden breastplate is nicely match with your outfits, you may be able to consider switching to a bag or a pair of spangled shoes. You can also play decrescendo. For more discreet evening dress is more easily tint of metallic touches a daily look. Now that you have got hold of a bomber silver that suits you perfectly the night, consider it with jeans for the day.

Learning to Match

Regarding the brightness, the biggest challenge is not the one you think. A piece lamé will not confirm your fear of being outrageously showy if well matched. For this, several choices are available to you. You can first of all arrange it in a very basic look. Balance your look with, for example, denim, which willingly calm the festive side of the metallized, or a t-shirt or a simple white shirt. Classics cloakroom, these iconic pieces that we all, dress gladly gloss or match it perfectly. To avoid any fashion faux pas, stand in (the day anyway) to a distinguished record. Too often, sexy gloss + = vulgar. On the other hand, consider mitigating contrasts. Because of their character reflecting the golden metallic materials, silver, or copper, are going very well with light colors for summer. As in this very successful look of blogger Emilie The Brunette , mix fearlessly white with lamé parts, the result is more chic.