How to Wear Social Women Shirts

Although the name determines that the dress shirt is a social part, its use is not only this. Some people use social shirt to fall in the club and is elegant. Just match the right accessories and know how to value the piece in your body. The dress shirt, properly used, is one of the finest pieces of guard female clothing. And there are few possible errors with this piece so basic and so nice to use.

Dress Shirt Female Models

The traditional all know: open button shirt in half, long sleeves and buttons at the ends. But this is only one option. There is also the social model blouse sleeve ¾, known to go to the elbow. One is social but at the same discreet and elegant. It is great for those who do not enjoy the long sleeves and prefers arms free to wear a watch or other accessories, for example.

Looks with Dress Shirt

The combination of a dress shirt and lower part may be as varied as their wardrobe. And few errors are possible, just knowing what and when to use. There are good tips on

  • Dress shirt and slacks– cannot go wrong in this double. With these parts, you are ready to work and good little parties with friends. Even for a formal dinner with friends or even flirtatious. Social clothes are the most elegant fashion woman present on a first date. Frightens some men to leave a leading air as a message, but also impresses many.
  • Dress shirt and skirt just social– being a little above the knee or below the skirt always goes down well to modern and elegant women. It also gives the opportunity to show a beautiful thin high heels or sandals bold, so it’s a good tip to have two or three pencils or tight skirts in neutral colors to be ready for any occasion.
  • Dress shirt and short– if short, the combination is good for a casual stroll, a mix of casual and elegant and looks good even in environments that ask fashion sport. Jean shorts and dress shirt can go to the mall, visit the friend’s house and also combines with small parties of friends.
  • Dress shirt with high-waisted skirt– another combination of a chic and elegant woman. But beware if you are chubby: high waist fattening a bit and leaves the stomach and highlighted prominent. Large-breasted piece does not fall too well too, especially long sleeve.
  • Dress shirt and shorts social– two tissues other than the jeans combine better with the informality of bermuda shorts, allowing the use of the combination of parts in both formal places such as work environment, such as a visit to relatives and a trip. Even on a walk by the sea late afternoon the pair goes well, provided it is with light fittings like a flat sandals.

Plain Dress Shirt or Printed?

For a change in wardrobe, it is important to invest in both, but neutral colors much more quantity. You widen your choice of combination of parts with only three dress shirts and two pants in single color, especially if they are of the same colors. If all are printed, they too mark the visual.
But are good also investee shirts with a few printed details like collars and sleeves. A great example is the Dudalina in its basic line for women, with a few printed details. They are beautiful, basic and allow various combinations.

Shoes to Wear with Feminine Dress Shirt

Formal wear formal request, correct shoes? Yes, but it depends. If you are a social shirt but short, why not use more flat shoes? You can then use sandals but not the Havaianas type finger because the dress shirt asks for something more upscale. For more formal places, closed shoes, thin heels or clogs are always welcome. If the clothes do not have too many prints, you can abuse straps and details in footwear without problems.
In exchange, prefer models side near the shoulder and hand. The messenger bag does not fit well with series clothing as social at the top, only if you with shorts. Oh yes worth abusing models, even a backpack looks good.