How to Wear Skirt Pants

This vintage piece makes its comeback in the collections and will continue to prevail at the beginning of the school year. Our advice to choose it well and wear it with style.

Between the ample and long Bermuda, the illusion of a skirt or an ultra wide pantacourt, this symbolic piece of the 1920s finds it difficult to find its place in our wardrobe. And yet, it is indeed de rigueur this season, and does not intend to stop there for this winter. On the contrary.
In force on the fall-winter 2015-2016 catwalk, she rose to become the must-have of the season. Yes, but how to adopt it without falling into the nerdy nor weigh the silhouette?
For if it demonstrated significant comfort, it can also quickly tip us to the fashion faux pas… As emphasized Thomas Zilberman, women’s leather pants designer for Carlin International, “This is a Product “double reading” which can be misunderstood: corny or plugged? It is not always appreciated by men, in relation to its anti-sexy side. “Before specifying:” It is a garment “segmenting”, let’s face it: it will not suit all Women or to all morphologies. And even reserved for slender silhouettes! And I would add: “reserved for those who have style!”.
Not easy easy so. But be reassured, there are-fortunately-some fashion rules to reconnect with this vintage dress of the dressing, with class and style.
The expert advice of our expert to adopt the trend without false note …
For what skirt-pants opt in the beautiful days?
For the summer, one chooses it in a very flexible material, of crepe type, or in a mix with lyocell.
Note that for the most trendy, the skirt-panties also exists in pleated version.
At the top, we put on a small shirt knotted on the navel, a simple tank top to carry in or a top-brassiere, another strong trend of the season.
The fashion faux-pas to avoid?
Never with a long top, kind tunic or blouse worn on the outside. Otherwise, your friends will never speak to you again and you will find yourself single in the moment!
Which colors to choose?
We opt for dark (indigo), safari-chic (ocher, spicy, khaki), lively for the most audacious (emerald green, yellow, red). On the other hand, one avoids the clear, more difficult on this type of part.
With what accessory?
We belt! And even, one waists wide.
Shoe recommendations?
It is necessary to play the femininity, even the sexy to avoid the effect sister-in-a-rowing, so: flat, one plays pretty sandals with flanges with a metallic touch; In heels version, we release the compensated a little seventies that will bring a boho-chic spirit well into the trend. One can also play hyper-femininity with a sandal heels with very thin straps to lace around the ankle.
What about this play for the re-entry?
One thing to know: NEVER pantyhose with skirt-pants, so it is not a product of winter … We wear it in September-October.
On the material side, we stay on soft, never rigid, so pancakes, cupros and absolutely avoid the thick materials type velvet or woolen, except for super-fashioners who are afraid of nothing!
Optionally, the soft denim version (mixed with lyocell or tencel).
The perfect mix?
For the fall, the winning duo is the skirt-panties with a little hyper-fitted sweater. And we can always stand out his leather jacket type biker, it works well in association.
On the feet, one will appropriate small boots which rise a little above the ankle, unless to play the shoe with heel with open end.
So, ready to adopt the tendency mesdemoiselles, ladies? It’s your turn!