How to Wear Shorts with Leggings in Summer

Women who wear the shorts have to face some annoying problems, however, can be solved in a few moves here is how!
Since a few years, in the summer to make the bosses are the shorts , shorts, sometimes very short, which are worn by women of all ages.
It will be because they are versatile leggings, as depending on the model allow you to have a look gritty or casual or romantic, it will be because they are comfortable, the fact is that all we have at least a couple in our closet .

Yet, the shorts can sometimes cause annoying (and embarrassing) problems of which we would rather avoid, like when one side or the other seems shorter when the underwear peeps.
Nothing that a woman with her arsenal of resources can not deal with, but if you are short of ideas we propose our solutions:

1. Buttocks in sight

There are patterns that specifically leave sprout from the bottom of the panty buttock (and who honestly are more suited to the beach than anything else), but sometimes it happens that those very-short models are the color that makes you crazy.
In this case, in order not to show too much, opt for a bigger size than you wear usually do and then squeeze the shorts in life: in this way you will have the shorts that you like so much of a accattabile length.

2. More and more of!

Shorts, while walking, tend to climb along the thigh, creating discomfort and showing sometimes more than they should.
It is an inevitable phenomenon with skinny leggings and if not put up with it is best to choose a softer tights, which leaves the space between the skin and the fabric.

2.A longer side and a shorter one

Sometimes a sling shorts seems longer than the other: it may be that the model has a small manufacturing defect and is not perfectly symmetrical and that your legs have different circumferences (alas)
To minimize this effect, the best models are those large , that for observers less attentive resemble a skirt.

4. Pleated annoying

Many shorts, especially those made ​​of linen, when you sit fill with folds that will not disappear for a monocolor zebra effect in questionable relevance.
If you hate this effect, you have to choose thicker fabrics, such as the sporty denim or romantic lace .

5. Alarm underwear!

Some tissues with which the shorts are made ​​transparently reveal the color of underwear and their seams: a real style slip.
For this it is best to choose an intimate tactical: meat and cut color laser. Innermost nothing in sight!

6. Shorts or pajamas?

You know the silk shorts models? Sometimes just they seem shorts pajama!
But if you find them so comfortable to not give it up, to minimize the effect of “I’m about to go to bed” stay away from pastel colors and those details like ribbons or lace that make a lot lingerie.