How to Wear Sequins Casually

This fashion winter can be found again sequins everywhere. I really do not follow every trend. But this small, shimmering flakes have made my heart beat times higher again. Sequins stand for glamor, elegance and femininity. And they remind me of my time as a costume designer at the State Theatre in Darmstadt.
That sequins can be combined casually also, and what there sont to note yet that I want to show in this post.
As always my motto: “Never buy what you can not combine versatile.” And that also includes a skirt or a dress, fully sequined not. Of course, can be combined easily a white T-shirt. But with a little creativity, is a combination of talent out of the glitter particles.
Simpel and elegant occasions: A sequined cocktail dress, a couple of high heels, an elegant clutch. Even one is ready for the cocktail evening or Christmas.
If that is too much, or if it does not allow the occasion; then has to be played with opposites. Here are a few styling ideas:

  • Sequined jackets and blazers: With casual jeans in boyfriend fit and vintage effects. For this, a simple shirt or top. Something Elegant it is with a black cigarette pants….
  • Sequin Dress: Casual acts this with a narrow leather jacket or a small Jean jacket. These Chelsea boots, loafers,…
  • Sequin Skirt: My personal favorite styling. Transparent combined with oversize sweater and ankle. Alternatively, a simple T-shirt and leather jacket, or with white classic safe blouse and boots….

++ Note: sequins emphasize very strongly. ++ So not the part of the figure in sequins cases, the one actually wants rather conceal. In a very curvy hips I therefore recommend a Pailettenjacke. If the bust very large and hips narrow, the decision falls on a rock. And if all is a bit too much, a great clutch or pumps can select with sequins. So determined is something for everyone who enjoys a bit of glamor has.
++ Less ++ The outfit is not overloaded. If you do not want to look like an overloaded fashion at, then the sequined garment should be able to act for themselves. Simple Basics and discreet jewelry choose. So the outfit looks glamorous and stylish.
++ Sensibelchen ++ sequins should be handled with care. The garment thus lying keep. Moreover wrapped dry and in tissue paper. So other things are not damaged by the sequins. When wearing one should also note a few things: The underline sequins smooth so that they can not break or fall off so easily. Avoid permanent friction on sensitive materials. Buyer to pay a good feed that protects the other garments while wearing.
Still unsure what sequined outfit comes into question for you? In a personal shopping I find the one for you.
The collage I created with Polyvore.