How to Wear Red Blazer

Red Blazer! A good choice to make decisions.

As you probably already noticed, I have somewhat retired in recent weeks. Somehow I after a year blogging time for me hand. And of course I also made ​​me in this out many thoughts, otherwise I would not be a real woman. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life in the social media world. And also about how I will spread my priorities in the future.

Red Blazer And The Power to Make Enscheidungen!

Somehow I realized that is going on all my life only in the virtual world and my loved ones miss out around me. Of course, this especially my husband, my child, my dog, friends, family and home and garden. And to myself I have noticed changes. No spontaneous meetings with friends was more possible.My joy, my life’s joy, my ease-everything there. In short, I felt empty and exhausted. My blog and all other social media channels to bring me joy and not be a burden.

Red Blazer and a Decision:

And therefore it will in future be the following changes: I will continue to be on Instagram and Facebook active but here daily invest no 2 to 3 hours in order to comment anything and to liken. Whoever follows me here who follow me because they want to, without expecting anything. The time that has previously swallowed Instagram and Co, I invest in the future again in people who are dear to me and of course in my blog. Heppiness is my hobby and so it should stay. I just want to post and write when I feel like it, and it will bear the time somewhat. No way, because it has to be, so I will not go away on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Co in the sinking. This robs me my creativity, my spontaneity, my ease. Coercion is not effective for me that I have learned in the past weeks and months. I do not pay attention to numbers and also no advertising professional. I also want to worry about statistics and target me. I want to stay true to myself and just do what builds me and pleased. And all this without coercion and deadlines. Yup! After all, I am responsible for my own happiness. Nobody else!

So no one here to blame except myself. No one forced me to be constantly present on all channels and always, unless I myself. That’s over now. Yippie!

Now to my look: About three years ago I have this red blazer in Bamberg at PurPur purchased (one of my favorite shops around here). In fact, he has become something borderline of the fit ago, my body changed by the ravages of time and something also the proportions accompanied move a bit so. I wanted to change the Blazer at the dressmaker of my confidence, but they stared and said before she invests her sewing machine needle and then it does not look perfect that I should try it once with a diet!  I love their direct and honest way. well, I will follow their advice and give it a try! Finally, I move through my four-legged companion Leopold in recent times more again. I’ll keep you in any case to date. Until then, have a nice time my friends.

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