How to Wear: Plaid Shirt

The chess shirt is classic and is always giving the faces in the street style, and reappears from time to time drawing attention in different assemblies.We already had a post dedicated to her and the stamp, but I think it’s always worth a update, right?
No doubt the piece works best for cold and winter days, even for the most common material being the flannel. But it can be considered versatile, since if you get comfortable, it can be used in hot looks with skirts and shorts, as well as completing a dress look.
There are several ways to use it will depend on your style and the weather of the day! Here at, the plaid shirt assumes casual and unassuming looks with ripped jeans, works for work with formal pants and shoes, is good for out-leg rides, and completes a modern look along the underside of leather. If you want to be more daring, it is worth betting on it as a third piece (open like a coat), tied at the waist or even under a sweater with a bar and collar appearing, giving only a charm.
The only caveat regarding the plaid shirt is the choice of colors:for day to day, red or blue + black and white are the preferred tones.You can find other functional colors, but beware of vibrant options that differ from each other in the print, as they may weigh a little.And for those who like, it’s worth checking her cousin’s how to use vichy chess!
1. Plaid shirt with jeans
2. Plaid shirt with pants
3. Chess shirt with skirt
4. plaid shirt with shorts
Chess shirt with dress
6. plaid shirt strapped to the waist
7. plaid shirt with sweater on top