How to Wear Pencil Skirts

When we talk about secretary we always thought about an elegant woman with a straight cut skirt at the knees, also elegant. As it is, it’s not just we that think that way, so much so that this skirt is called secretary skirt, also known as pencil skirt.
This skirt has more or less the features mentioned above, say more or less because there are many variations, some are low, other high waist, and some are no longer the straight cut, being evasês or having the court and rounded front and rear pockets.
But that doesn’t take away the charm and elegance of skirt, which is always linked to executive and powerful women and so today we’ll talk a little bit about the types of skirts, how to use and with which women combine parts.
With skirt fabric, you can find denim, linen, knitwear, leather, cirrê, spandex, matelasse, and so on.
There are various sizes, but what really sets up the secretary skirt is the knee length.
They can be combined with more sophisticated social shirts or blouses, depending on their more basic needs. It doesn’t mean that skirt should be used only for work, but is better suited for this.
They go great with blazer and pumps. The pumps also have everything to do with the office, but you can use with half foot sandals without problem, just avoid the finger out, shoes should be closed, at least in front.
If you do not use it for the work environment, avoid combining black and white secretary skirts with blouses too closed and button, choose strap tops, because this type of skirt is made to match a more elegant look.
To match that kind of shirt without looking like you’re going to the office, choose more colorful or patterned skirts, you can find them with animal prints.
But if what you seek is the elegance for formal work environment or for a business dinner , the shirt , the blazer or tights complete the visual in this sense .
And regardless of your goal, their tops should always go inside of the skirt, even though they are in a fluffy fabric, and these are even more suitable because the office is usually well adjusted to the body, this combination will balance the look.
Another important detail of secretary skirts is slit. As it is a skirt that fits well to the body, if there is a breach, regardless of fabric chosen, the movement is a bit tied up. Then choose the slit according to your taste.
The bags are in relation to the main accessories. It can be a maxi clutch, an averageside or a tow. If your secretary skirt has a more sober look, more colorful bag can break the seriousness of the visual a little.